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Assistance from Subject Matter Experts (SME) is crucial to developing quality content for the appropriate level of expertise. Using their professional experience, SMEs work to identify the best learning resources, design course competencies and objectives, create student activities and assessment materials and evaluate or validate course content.

An authority in their field, with substantial (3+ years), specialized experience working and/or teaching in their area of expertise, SMEs help ensure programs are of the highest-quality by providing the most relevant, current knowledge in their industry today.

SMEs are contracted with RCI on a per-project basis. Project type, tasks, duration, time commitments, and participation type (virtual or in-person) vary. Once contracted, SMEs are retained in our system for future development project consideration and/or teaching opportunities.

Job Duties

  • Create or review existing course syllabi
  • Outline course competencies and objectives
  • Map out learning plans to lead students through activities related to competencies and objectives
  • Create assessments (assignments, discussions, quizzes, tests, etc) that demonstrate course competencies
  • Identify opportunities for interactivity in courses and provide content to instructional designer
  • Utilize learning theories such as the four-step learning cycle and Bloom’s Taxonomy


  • Degree in Medical Transcription from an accredited educational institution
  • Professional experience and proficiency within the area of expertise of 3 years or more as well as earned professional certifications and professional memberships (if applicable)
  • Prior teaching experience either in an on-campus or online setting; familiarity with the practices of online education preferred
  • Superior interpersonal, customer service, presentation, and communication skills
  • Proven organizational skills and ability to complete assignments on time and accurately with minimal supervision.

To apply, please submit your cover letter and resume to Ann Larson at