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I need a program that will recognize my foreign experience and provide me with the chance of having a new start in Canada. Before I enrolled at Robertson, I was jobless, hopeless that the Canadian labour market will never give me a chance at all because we have a different education system in the Philippines. I found it difficult to adjust here, career-wise. I heard from a lot of friends and relatives that I can have a parallel career in Canada if I further my education as a Health Care Aide. Though I was already a nurse in the Philippines, it's a good thing that I am refreshed with all the lessons that I must always keep in mind. The educators are all very accommodating, friendly, approachable.  We even had a pizza party on the first day of class. How cool is that?

I need an education that will help me get back into the workforce. 
Losing my job was the best thing that could have happened to me or else I would have been stuck in retail forever. It gave me a good reason to go back to school. My Career Counsellor made everything so simple. We explored my options together and he helped me find the right program for me.  The atmosphere and how things are run here, I absolutely love! Here, the teachers really care, it's more of a home. 

I need a trusted college with a positive student environment and great instructors.
 Before coming to Robertson, I was a stay at home mom. I decided I didn't want to do nothing with my life so I chose to go to college. I wanted to show my daughter that you can make your dreams come true by trying your hardest to achieve any goals that you personally set for yourself. I went back to school for a positive example for my children but then realized that I wanted it for myself as well. 

I need a college that can provide me with the skills and knowledge I need to get into a career.  I heard about Robertson College through my mom who read a Robertson College advertisement in the paper. I chose Robertson after researching on the internet and reading more about the programs offered. After meeting with one of the Career Counsellors, I felt comfortable and confident that Robertson College would give me the skills and knowledge needed to get into a career.  I feel I have strengths in helping people so that's why I chose the Health Care Aide program. I like the style of teaching and also feel the hands-on learning in classroom and labs are positive and having a practicum is an advantage. To anyone considering the program, stay positive and have an optimistic outlook.  No matter what age or situation you have, it is always possible to continue learning and educating yourself!

I need a college that will prepare me to start the next chapter in my life.
Prior to Robertson, I was working in a warehouse. I had applied for internal positions but I didn't have the proper knowledge or education. I was let go from the company due to a mass layoff. I decided to go back to school. I figured this was a sign to start the next chapter in my life. I heard about Robertson College in media ads and know people that have taken courses there. I chose Robertson College because of its reputation and the length of the courses. To anyone thinking about going back to school, I would say to follow your dream and don't be scared to start a new chapter in your life!

I need to upgrade my skills in order to advance my career.
 I decided to pursue further education to upgrade my skills.  My previous company taught me things that I need to fulfil the admin role at that company but I needed further education for me to be able to enter the corporate world in Canada. I picked Robertson College because reviews are great and I know friends who studied here who gave good feedback. Location wise, it is very accessible to and from my home or workplace!

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