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Sharla Kane

Practicum & Career Services Coordinator

P: 1 (866) 505-3973
E: [email protected] 

With more than 20 years experience in working with the public in both professional and educational capacities, Sharla is able to provide students and graduates with support and encouragement to work hard to achieve their goals.  Having worked with numerous community volunteer initiatives, the music and comedy industries, and the field of education (as a Substitute Teacher, Academic Advisor, Student Services Coordinator, and now in Practicum & Career Services), her experience with customer service, professional agreements and establishing relationships enable graduates and employers the opportunity to connect.

Sharla has been with Robertson College since August 2008, and her current role as the Practicum & Career Services Administrator for the Online campus has her working directly with students, graduates and employers to arrange valuable practicum experiences, as well as providing employment guidance and opportunities for our alumni to expand their personal and professional growth.

Kari Penner

Practicum and Career Services Coordinator

P: 1 (204) 926-8323
E: [email protected]

Kari has over 12 years experience as an employer, coach and trainer working with the private sector. As a professional Life Coach for the last 18 years, Kari offers our students guidance, leadership and the support they need to achieve their goals.

Kari loves people and it is this passion that prompted her to start her Masters in Counselling through Providence Seminary. She worked at a counsellor in private practices and saw how the dual tract of Life Coaching and Counseling could provide the balance of therapy and goal setting her clients needed. She coached franchise offices throughout the US and Canada until 2017, achieving personal goals in helping to reproduce successful chiropractic practices. She enjoys public speaking, facilitating workshops and coordinating large events, all with the aim to help others live a life they are proud of.

Jillian Tod

Practicum Coordinator

P: 1 (888) 892-4262
E: [email protected]

Jillian is an experienced business professional with over 10 years of combined experience in Human Resources, administration, coordination, and planning. As a supportive advocate of post-secondary education, Jillian approaches her role with a positive and welcoming approach which has allowed her to build and retain excellent relationships with clients and employer partners. 

Jillian is passionate about finding opportunities for individuals who are unsure of what they want or are unaware of what they can do and encourages them to build on their strengths and passions in order to determine where they want to be when it comes to finding a career.

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