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Our Career Services team is dedicated to helping our students find success after graduation through meaningful employment in their chosen fields. Our experienced Career Services team consists of practicum coordinators and employment specialists that help prepare you for your new careers.

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If you are a student or graduate in need of employment services, please contact us.

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Practicum Coordination

Many of our Robertson College diploma programs require the completion of a practicum in order to graduate.  This is an opportunity to work with an employer and earn hands-on, real-life work experience.  All practicums are coordinated at the end of the classroom portion of your studies.  Our Career Services team will assist you in your placement and ensure you are ready with the desired workplace skills in order to be successful.  At the end of your practicum, you will receive an evaluation from your practicum host which will provide you with feedback so you can perform well in your new career.

Employment Services

As a graduate of Robertson College, we are here to assist you in your job search for program-related employment. We want to see all graduates employed in their field of study. We encourage all graduates to meet with their designated Employment Specialist who will ensure you understand how to get your application noticed. Robertson College has a large network of employers who regularly submit job postings for distribution as they have had a positive experience with our alumni and trust in the quality of education which students received. Please contact us so we can add you to our distribution list where you will receive job postings submitted to the college.

Mock Interviews & Resume Review

The marketplace has become very competitive. Making that first impression has never been as important.  Do you want to apply for a job but are not sure if your resume is customized to the posting? Perhaps you have an interview and need to practice.  Our Employment Specialists would be happy to meet you and assist you in either of these important steps. They are well versed with the core and workplace skills desired by today's employers. It is likely the college has a relationship with that potential employer and we would be able to provide you with valuable insight which will enable you to put your best foot forward.

Career Search Workshops & Annual Career Fair

Periodically, Robertson College offers workshops to our graduates in order to brush up on specific job search skills.  We also host an Annual Career Fair which is attended by employers looking to hire newly trained graduates.  As an Alumni, you will receive invites to these special events.  Dates and times vary by campus but if you are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.