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Welcome to Robertson

Thank you for your registration.  All of the Robertson courses take place in Brightspace, our Learning Management System. Within 2 days, you will receive an email with your login and password and you will be able to access your course. 

In the meantime, we encourage you to explore Brightspace and all that it has to offer by reviewing these videos and resources:

Student Support

You are not alone in your educational journey. Know that you have a team of educators and advisors who are there to support you throughout your time with Robertson.


Student Support Services

This team is available to help you with any non-academic related questions. Reach them by email, phone, or through our online portal.

Email: [email protected]
By Phone Toll-Free: (855) 416-3610
Or through the Online Portal >


Robertson Brightspace Support

Information and resources about using Brightspace can be found on our website:

You will also have access to the Brightspace Support team.  This team can assist you with questions related to using Brightspace and all of its features. The team can be reached through email, phone, or by chat using this link:


Your Instructors

Your course instructors will support you through the academic portion of your program. You will be able to reach your instructor through your Brightspace courses.

Succeeding in your Online Course

In online classes, keeping up with coursework and participating in the learning activities will contribute to your success. Formal attendance is not recorded, but instructors and the College may contact you to check in if we see that you are not engaging with the coursework. If you are having trouble keeping up, or need an extension on an assignment, please contact your instructor. 

Your course instructional materials will be in the form of eBooks or other electronic materials, software, and/or media which will be embedded into Brightspace. 

There is an email function in Brightspace where students can communicate with instructors. You will be receiving a Robertson Brightspace email address with your enrollment. This will be the fastest way to communicate with your instructors. The College will also communicate with you using your personal email address that you have provided.

System Requirements for Online Courses

A laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection are needed for these online courses. Tablets and mobile devices are not sufficient to complete all the required activities. Students should also ensure they are running the most current version of their browser for an optimal experience.  Students taking accounting programs or IT programs may have additional system requirements.



Refund Policy

The refund policy applies to domestic and international students registered in a course at Robertson College.

  1. Before the beginning of the course, all fees will be refunded.
  2. Within 3 days or 25% of course completion (whichever is greater), a refund of the course fees less a $50.00 administrative fee will be issued.
  3. Upon 25% of course completion, no refund will be issued.



Recognition for Credit

Some courses may be eligible for credit toward diploma programs at Robertson. Contact an Academic Advisor for more information. Transfer of credits is not available to international students.



Online Classroom Conduct & Netiquette

Robertson is dedicated to providing a positive learning environment for all students; these policies were developed to ensure a distraction-free environment for both students and instructors. Students, faculty, and staff of Robertson are expected to respect the general rules of network etiquette when utilizing the Robertson network connection for Internet, email, online courses, and/or other forms of internet usage. In doing so, users are expected to:

  • Students have an obligation to act in a fair and reasonable manner toward their peers, the faculty, staff, administration, and the physical property of Robertson College. 
  • Academic integrity and personal conduct are critical elements in establishing a positive learning environment.
  • Respect others: Treat others as you wish to be treated – do not use abusive or offensive language.
  • Respect yourself: Keep your personal information confidential – do not share your username/password with others. 
  • Respect copyright: Be sure to cite your source when using materials from the internet, books, magazines, journals, and other forms of media – do not copy others’ materials. 
  • Respect Robertson College: Be professional – do not use the college’s network for unauthorized conduct such as harassing, spamming, copying information, storing obscene/offensive materials, accessing others’ accounts, damaging other users’ files, or other forms of network abuse. 


Academic Integrity

Students are expected to uphold academic integrity and to act honestly, respectfully, and ethically. Robertson will not tolerate academic dishonesty including but not limited to:

Cheating – including but not limited to copying another student’s work, cheating on an assessment, utilization of unauthorized assistance, use of one assignment for multiple submissions without prior approval, and/or assisting another student with cheating. 

Falsification – including but not limited to sharing your password with other individuals, using another student’s login information, allowing another individual access to the online course, and/or allowing another individual to complete online assessments.

The consequences for cheating and/or falsification may include but are not limited to: written warning, rewrite assessment or complete new assessment, failing course grade, withdrawal from the program. 

Plagiarism – including but not limited to using material without proper citation of sources, misrepresentation, and/or claiming another’s work as your own. 

Consequences of academic dishonesty can include:

  • Written warnings from instructors
  • Written warnings from college administration
  • Note on the student file
  • A grade of ‘0’ on a test or assignment
  • A grade of ‘0’ in the course
  • Expulsion from the course
Writing Guide

The Writing Guide is designed to assist students with their studies. Specifically, the Writing Guide provides information on what constitutes plagiarism, what information should be referenced, and how to cite the work of others. Click here to download the Writing Guide.


Other Policies

Equity in the Classroom

Privacy Policy

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy & Guidelines



Instructor and course evaluation forms will be distributed on a regular basis. These evaluations are meant to improve the quality of the course by inviting students’ mature and responsible views on the instructor’s effectiveness and course content, structure, and delivery.


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