Since 2009, the Parkinson Society Manitoba (PSM) has provided funding for a nursing position at the Movement Disorders Clinic (Deer Lodge Centre) to help people living with Parkinson's disease (PLWP).  As a Health Care Aide, you could be called upon to provide assistance and support to clients living with Parkinson's disease or other movement disorders.  Gain insight into what it is like to support these clients at our upcoming Health Care Industry Talk featuring Kelly Williams, RN and Clinical Resource Nurse at the Movement Disorders Clinic at Deer Lodge Centre.

Special Speaker

Kelly Williams, RN is the Clinical Resource Nurse at the Movement Disorders Clinic (MDC) at the Deer Lodge Centre.  She is funded two days a week by the Parkinson Society Manitoba (PSM) to provide support and assistance to people living with Parkinson's disease.  Kelly has been a nurse for 11 years, since graduating from the University of Manitoba in 2002 with a Nursing degree.  She qualified for her CNA (Canadian Nurses Association) certification in Gerontology in 2005 and again in 2011.  Prior to working at the MDC, Kelly worked as a nurse at the Grace Hospital, most recently in ICU.

When asked, Kelly says her goal is to help improve the lives of PLWP and their families. "My role is to educate and counsel PLWP and their families on what Parkinson's disease is and how to live well with it.  Not just those who are a part of the clinic, but to all Manitobans living with Parkinson's."  In her role, Kelly assists individuals and their families through the changes that happen with Parkinson's disease including changes in medication and symptoms.  She also educates health care providers about Parkinson's disease and how to best care for those who have Parkinson's.

This Industry Talk will be of interest to students wishing to pursue the Health Care Aide, Health Care Aide Challenge or Health Unit Clerk programs.  There is no cost to attend; however, seating is limited. Please RSVP below to reserve your seat or call 204.943.5661 ext 328.

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