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Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarship Opportunities at Robertson

The Nazanin Shahipour Memorial Scholarship

Established by the Nazanin Shahipour family

Nazanin Shahipour was a dedicated mother, an exceptional academic, and a passionate educator. Born on September 17, 1971, in Iran, she ascended to Abha Kingdom on October 15, 2016. Nazanin immigrated to Canada and soon after decided to pursue an education in Finance and Accounting. She was a certified Chartered Professional Accountant who spent nearly 15 years in the Oil and Gas industry. After her career in the Oil and Gas industry ended, Nazanin returned to her true passion, education. She started working as a part-time faculty member at Mount Royal University and later joined Robertson’s faculty.

Nazanin believed in empowering people through education and this was often evidenced through the various techniques she used to create a safe and comfortable learning environment for all her students. She was not only an educator but often a counselor and a friend to her students. To honor her memories and her life-long dedication to education, two scholarships will be awarded an annual basis to those students that best exemplify the qualities and characteristics for which Nazanin was known. Each scholarship of $500.00 will be presented at the graduation ceremony in Calgary.

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Additional Scholarships

Your family may belong to companies, organizations, or unions that offer scholarships and bursaries to qualifying family members. You can also visit for more information about scholarship and bursary opportunities available in your province.


Tuition Bursaries

Robertson tuition bursaries are non-repayable grants. Robertson offers a number of tuition bursaries to new and returning students. Bursary amounts are dependent on the program of study and/or any special campaigns that are offered by the College. Students who wish to inquire about their eligibility should see their Student Admissions Advisor.

The student must be a resident of Canada, excluding Quebec, who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada and enrolled as a full-time student at Robertson to be eligible.

Tuition bursaries awarded must be used in a single academic year and for a single Academic Program. The bursary amount cannot be transferred if the student wishes to transfer from one Academic Program to another.

Tuition bursaries are awarded at the completion of the Academic Program and paid directly to the person(s) / organization that provided the funds. The student must have completed all coursework, practicum placements and exams and have successfully graduated from the program. All fees to the College must be paid in full and all inventory (including books, laptops or lab equipment) must be returned to the College.

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