Accessibility and Accomodations

Accessibility and Accommodation Information for Students

Provincial Human Rights Codes in Manitoba and Alberta protect characteristics including religion, disability, and ethnic background. Robertson is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to students with documented special needs due to these protected characteristics.

Request for Accommodation Form

Accessibility and Accommodations Policy

Accommodations and the Application Process

All students at Robertson need to demonstrate that they have met the admissions requirements for the program that they are enrolling in. If you are comfortable, we ask you to disclose any disability-related needs early on in the admission process. This disclosure will not affect the decision to admit you to the College, but knowing about your needs will help Robertson’s Teaching and Learning Team indicate what accommodations are possible at the college and make a plan for you and your instructors for your success in the program.

If you request accommodations, documentation will be required. This documentation should be submitted before you are admitted to the college.

What is reasonable accommodation?

Reasonable accommodation is making changes to how something is typically done to meet special needs of an individual. These special needs may be based on religion,
ethnic background and disability (characteristics protected by Human Rights Codes). The accommodation is reasonable if it does not change the academic standards of a program, impact the learning of other students, or create a safety hazard for other students.

What accommodations can Robertson offer?

We will consider each student’s request individually, and create a plan for that student, however, here are some examples of accommodations we are able to provide:

  • Modified materials, resources and equipment
  • Accessible campus facilities
  • Information about and referral to community support services
  • Information to apply for funding
  • Modified and accommodated testing
  • Some assistive technologies

How do I let the college know that I require accommodation?

The first step is to fill out the Request for Accommodation form at this link. You will be asked to provide documentation that describes your needs (doctor’s assessments, prior
educational documentation). By filling out the form, you are consenting for us to contact you to speak about the accommodations you require, and to share information about these accommodations with your instructors and other support team members at Robertson who will assist with the accommodations.

Once you have filled out the form, a member of our Teaching and Learning team will be in touch with you.

What happens once I am in classes?

Before your classes start, the Teaching and Learning team will work with you to arrange the tools, technology, or other supports required. The Teaching and Learning team will communicate the plan for your learning with your instructors. When you are in classes, your instructors may follow up with you about how the accommodation is working or to provide more details about their role in the plan.

Please communicate with your instructor if there is a needed change to your accommodation plan.

Contact the Academic Support Team

[email protected]

Ready to Get Started?

Once you take the first step, one of our Student Admissions Advisors will get in touch to better understand your goals for the future.