Confidentiality of Student Information and Records


The Confidentiality of Student Information and Records Policy describes how Robertson College uses and protects individual’s personal information, in compliance with the Freedom and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.


This Policy applies to all personal information collected around students enrolled in Robertson classes and programs.

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) is a law that protects an individual’s rights to access records held by public bodies and requires that public bodies protect the privacy rights of individuals.
Personal Information Personal Information is information that is recorded about an individual such as an address, age, social security number, etc., as defined by FIPP, which is held within the Student Record.
Public Body A Public Body is defined by FIPPA as but not limited to, a government department, government agency, office of a minister, an educational body, a health care body, the City of Winnipeg, a municipality, or any other organization as a public body.
Student A student is an individual who has applied for admission, is currently enrolled, or has previously been a student at Robertson College.
Student Record A Student Record is the information which is contained within a student’s file which may include personal information, admission, registration, academic, and disciplinary history at Robertson College.
Third Party Third Party refers to any individual or business who is not a student or Robertson faculty or staff. This may include a spouse or common-law partner, parents or guardians of the student, professional organizations, financial institutions, and credit agencies.



The protection, security, and confidentiality of personal information is an essential task of the College. The Personal Information and Student Records which Robertson College will collect, use and disclose will be aligned with the law and the policies set out in this document. 

  1. Data Protection

    Robertson College protects the safety of personal information stored in both technology and paper-based formats. Academic Records are kept in a number of controlled locations at the College, including academic and student support offices. The senior team member of each department is responsible for restricting the use and disclosure of Personal Information in accordance with this policy and FIPPA.

    By submitting information related to the application process or registering at the College, students give their consent to the College to:

    1. Compile Personal Information into an Academic Record; 
    2. Use their Personal Information where required for College operations and in accordance with FIPPA;
    3. and Disclose Personal Information where required by College operations and in accordance with FIPPA or other applicable laws
  2. Disclosure of Information to a Student
    1. A student may have access to their Academic Record upon written request.
    2. The College may refuse to grant access to all or part of the personal information requested in accordance with applicable legislation.
    3. A student who has been granted access to their Academic Record may not change or remove documents.
    4. The student has the right to correct any incorrect personal information in the Academic Record.

  3. Disclosure to Robertson Instructors or Staff

    Robertson faculty and staff who have a legitimate need to access a student’s Personal Information or Academic Record may have access to the sections related to their College duties. Use and disclosure of Personal Information will be limited to the minimum amount of Personal Information necessary to accomplish the purpose for which it is used or disclosed.

  4. Disclosure to Third Parties
    1. Robertson College will only disclose matters of public record to Third Parties. This may include information about academic awards, earned diplomas, etc.
    2. Student’s Personal Information will not be disclosed to a Third Party unless the student has given written consent, or unless disclosure is required by law (see Student Personal Information Release Form as accompanying document).


Related Legislation

Freedom and Protection of Privacy Act (Manitoba)
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (Alberta)
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
G3 – Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Personal Health Information Act (Manitoba)
Health Information Act (Alberta)
Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act


Supporting Documentation

Student Personal Information Release Form 

Please contact a Student Admissions Advisor for more information.


Last updated: November 17th, 2020

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