International Representatives

Robertson College and the Education Canada Group (ECG) maintains a network of authorized agents who play an important role in aiding prospective students in the international student application process while representing the College in a professional and trustworthy manner at all times.

See The Current List Of Authorized International Representatives

Experienced agents interested in becoming an Agent for Robertson College and ECG can follow the application process detailed below.

  1. Fill out and sign the Agent Application Form.
  2. Provide any documents which can prove the legitimacy of your business and services.
  3. Write brief information about the company in the email body and send us any additional documents which can support your application to
  4. Your complete application will be processed by our International Team.

We are currently accepting agency partner applications. Agent partnerships with Robertson College are subject to meeting federal and provincial legislations.

*Manitoba based agencies can apply as long as they do not represent Chinese students.

International Agent Application Form

For more information on international representatives and for representative inquiries please contact

International Admissions

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