Career Counselling – information and guidance in selecting a career path that is aligned with your personal interests, goals, and talents.

Financial Services – support and options to finance your education throughout your program.

Faculty and Academic Advising – expert industry-based advice on education, course information, college procedures, and assistance with academic challenges.

Specialized Education Services – support for individuals with special needs.

Practicum Services – arrange and secure industry specific practicums with employers for our students to enhance their learning and experience workplace expectations; and ensure students have all industry required documents in place in preparation for their practicum.

Career Services – professional assistance and feedback throughout your job search. This includes: resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation; this service is available to all Robertson College students and alumni.

Personal Advising – information and guidance in cultural adaptation, health insurance, health information, volunteer opportunities, SIN card and Income Tax.

Accommodations – arranging Homestay and assisting with private accommodations.

Airport reception – available for new international students only; students must apply 7 days prior to arrival; all new homestay students will be welcomed by their homestay families upon arrival at the airport.

Orientation – mandatory for all new international students.

International Admissions

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