What To Expect

A breakdown of what’s going to happen after you click submit

What happens after you apply?

Here’s a step-by-step outline of what typically happens after you submit your application. 

Step 1: We’ll get in touch.

Shortly after you apply, a Student Admissions Advisor will get in touch with you through phone or email to set up a meeting.

Step 2: You’ll have your first meeting.

When you meet, you’ll be informally interviewed so the Student Admissions Advisor understands what program you’re interested in, your goals, financial history, educational background and even living situation. This gives them a snapshot of your current situation and future path. You’ll then discuss tuition and fees, program information and the program format you want (online or hybrid). 

Step 3: You’ll sign the contract.

Once all the details have been ironed out, you’ll sign a contract to lock in your enrolment. You’ll chat with your Student Admissions Advisor through email, phone or text to get all the required documents submitted. 

** Note: if you’re required to take the Accuplacer test, this is when your advisor will give you a voucher to take the test before you sign the contract. 

Step 4: You’ll discuss your financial plan. 

After your contract is locked in, a Student Financial Administrator will contact you to discuss your financial plan. This is where you can ask questions about loan and credit options to help you pay for your education. If you’re self-funded (paying for school yourself), we’ll set up a payment plan for you to pay your tuition in instalments. This is the time you’ll be able to ask any questions you have about financing and the tuition payment process. 

At this point, you’ll also get access to your Robertson accounts—the Robertson app and your Brightspace portal. 

Step 5: We’ll lock in your financial plan.

After you meet with your Student Financial Administrator (you can meet as often as you like), we’ll help you complete your financial plan and ensure your loan/payment plan is set up properly. 

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Step 6: You’ll meet your Learner Experience Guide. 

Once you’re logged into your Robertson accounts, you’ll be introduced to your Learner Experience Guide. They’ll be your point-person for setting up your online workspace, especially if you’re learning online. 

Step 7: It’s time for orientation! 

Now that your contract is signed and all your documents are filled out, you get to start orientation for your program!

  • If you’re an online learner, you’ll watch a Learners Prep Series which is set up like an online course in Brightspace. This prep series includes helpful online studying tips, advice and guidance on how to navigate Brightspace and Kaltura, Robertson’s virtual classroom.
  • If you’re a hybrid learner, you’ll attend a virtual real-time orientation with your instructor and peers as well as watch the Learners Prep Series. 
  • If you would like a campus tour, a Student Admissions Advisor can book it for you! You’ll get a chance to check out the campus, labs and other resources (chosen based on your program) in a 30 minute to 1 hour-long tour. 


Step 8: Your program begins. 

Now that all the prep is done, you get to start your diploma program! 

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