Meet Our Industry Partners

Our industry partners make your practicum placements possible. Meet some of the people you may be lucky enough to work with!

Meet Carmen from CBI Health

“Robertson does a really good job of letting their students know that practicums matter—that’s how you get hired.”

About Carmen & CBI Health

  • Carmen Jiwani is the Talent Acquisition Manager for CBI Health’s Central and Western Canada locations. She’s been with the company for eight years, finding the best people to care for vulnerable members of the community. 
  • CBI Health is Canada’s leading community healthcare provider. The organization does a lot of important work for the community including: 
    • Rehabilitation 
    • Home Health for the elderly
    • Work with individuals with complex developmental disabilities, including group homes with 24/7 support


CBI Health provides many practicum placements for Healthcare Aide learners and occasionally learners from the Human Resources program.

What your practicum looks like

  • Healthcare Aide practicum: learners will get a full-scope practicum, meaning they’ll be exposed to all facets of healthcare that CBI Health supports. Learners will partner with a healthcare aide and provide care for home health placements, rehabilitation and more. 
  • Human Resources practicum: learners will be partnered with the recruitment team and get to apply their skills screening resumes, sitting in on phone interviews, scheduling interviews, working on the HR database and even doing special projects. This practicum is largely catered to the learner’s interests.


What types of learners are they looking for? 

CBI Health looks for learners who are passionate and compassionate about their work, are patient and adaptable as well as have strong interpersonal skills. 

Career opportunities at CBI Health

CBI Health has hired many healthcare aide graduates from Robertson and there are many opportunities for graduates to get hired and grow in their career. 

If you work at CBI Health, you’ll set career goals based on your interests then work with a mentor to build your skills while in your current position. It’s a great team environment with excellent mentorship and opportunities for growth. 

A message from Carmen

“I joined CBI Health when my mom was going through chemo. It really opened my eyes when I saw how healthcare workers interacted with my mom. It was then I knew it was important for me to find a role in healthcare that allowed me to give back to the community in some way. To me, meaningful work is making a difference, directly or indirectly.

Robertson is one of the colleges we get very excited about when we see them on a resume. You can tell which ones are the Robertson students. You can tell who is there because they care and want to make a difference. That’s who we look for.”

Carmen’s experience with Robertson learners has been nothing short of positive. If you want to make a difference in healthcare, consider CBI Health for your practicum placement

Our industry partners make your career dreams a reality.

Meet the industry partners who have created meaningful career opportunities for Robertson alumni.

Meet Jack from A Adams Supply

“My definition of meaningful work is giving someone an opportunity to get into a line of work where they feel fulfilled.”

About Jack and A Adams Supply

  • Jack Enns is the General Manager of A Adam’s Supply in Winnipeg.
  • A Adams Supply is a wholesale and industrial distributor that primarily sells items related to manufacturing and construction trades (fasteners, hand tools, cutting tools and more). The business also functions as an aerospace supplier.


What your practicum looks like

Learners who complete their practicum at A Adams Supply typically come from the Logistics & Supply Chain Management program. They’ll get complete exposure to facility planning and the warehouse layout as well as: 

  • Material planning
  • Receiving and processing purchase orders and goods received
  • Order fulfillment
  • Customer service interactions
  • Marketing


Practicum and career opportunities 

A Adams Supply has provided countless practicum placements and hired many students. One of their current staff of 5 years is actually a Robertson grad! 

When evaluating prospective placements, Jack has learners send in their resume and participate in an interview. He interviews candidates in the same way he’d interview potential employees. At the same time Jack is evaluating the possible practicum candidate, he’s getting a feel for whether he could see the learner fitting the characteristics he looks for in his employees (with the goal of eventually hiring them).  

During your four weeks of practicum, you’ll be exposed to different streams of the supply chain so you can apply your theoretical knowledge in many different areas while gaining practical experience. First and foremost, A Adams Supply looks for candidates who would enjoy and fit into the business culture. 

A message from Jack

“Meaningful work, first and foremost, is that you enjoy what it is that you’re doing. You’re continuously learning and enjoying what you’re able to accomplish at the end of the day. It’s much more than the dollars and cents—if you enjoy what it is that you do for a living, time is not your enemy.” 

Jack looks forward to working with Robertson learners during their practicum. If you’re interested in logistics and supply chain, consider A Adams Supply for your practicum.