Living in Winnipeg

Preparing to study in your new city

Be prepared to live in Winnipeg with helpful tools and information. Understand costs associated with daily life and housing & accommodations for the time you will be studying.

Cost of living

While the cost of living largely depends on your lifestyle and habits, it’s best to know the average so you can be prepared. In Winnipeg, it’s estimated a single person will pay around $1,800 per month while a family of four is more likely to spend around $5,000 per month. Creating a budget is a great way to keep your finances on track and reduce stress while focusing on your studies. 

Housing & accommodations

Private accommodations

If homestay isn’t the right option for you, you can always find an affordable apartment, house or room rental. Here are some search engines you can use to find your accommodations: 

Please ensure you make your accommodation arrangements at least six weeks in advance to your arrival in Canada. We encourage you to apply for homestay or private residence as early as possible to ensure everything is secured before your program starts. 


Homestays are carefully chosen families who offer furnished accommodations and meals to international learners in a caring and supportive home environment. We’ve partnered with Canada Homestay Network (CHN), a non-profit organization that screens and interviews all hosts to ensure our learners are supported and safe. Learn more.