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what is a data analyst
Studying at Robertson May 12, 2023

What Does a Data Analyst Do? [2023 Guide]

Data is the backbone of all major business decisions today. It’s sourced, reviewed, and assessed to solve operational challenges and optimize performance. Poor data quality, however, can have a staggering financial impact. In fact, a recent study found that organizations lose an average of $17.3...

Career Advice May 12, 2023

How To Follow Up On a Job Application [Examples]

Are you hearing crickets after applying for your dream job in Canada? There’s no worse feeling than endlessly refreshing your email, hoping to see an interview request. But the average hiring process takes 42 days, so it might take a couple of weeks to hear...

Studying at Robertson May 11, 2023

What Type of Learner Are You? [QUIZ]

Think back to primary school — was there ever a time when the class was reading a book aloud and, even though you were following along, you couldn’t remember what happened in the last chapter? You might be a reading and writing learner that gets...

School of Business May 8, 2023

What Does a Bookkeeper Do in 2023?

It’s likely you’ve heard of Bookkeepers before, but have you ever wondered what they actually do? And what mysterious “books” they’re keeping? Bookkeepers hold specific and important roles in an organization and have different responsibilities from other money-minded positions like Accountants and Payroll Administrators. Bookkeepers...

Career Advice May 3, 2023

Canadian Resume Format: What To Put On a Resume [Templates]

Imagine this: You just found your dream job. The day-to-day work seems right up your alley and the company offers benefits you could never pass up. There’s just one thing standing in your way — updating your resume for the application. Resume writing can be...

Studying at Robertson April 6, 2023

11 Entry-Level Cyber Security Jobs To Pursue in 2023

Most of us use technology every day. Whether you’re online banking or saving your work in the cloud, computers, phones, laptops, and tablets are part of our day-to-day work and social activities. But who protects the information you share online? Cyber security professionals.  Cyber security...

Studying at Robertson March 21, 2023

What Is the Difference Between College and University? 

In Canada, the biggest difference between college and university comes down to the main purpose behind their programs. Depending on where you go, you’ll get an education unique to the institution. Both have their merits, and both can lead you to success — it’s all...

Studying at Robertson March 20, 2023

Understanding Student Loan Forgiveness in Canada: What Are Your Options?

In Canada, student loan debt is the norm.  There are over 1.7 million student borrowers in Canada — with the country’s total debt exceeding $18 billion.  With debt affecting student borrowers nationwide, it’s natural that borrowers would inquire about whether their loans can be forgiven...

School of Health March 16, 2023

How Much Do Pharmacy Technicians Make in Canada? [CHART]

Choosing a career comes down to passion. However, it’s important to understand your projected earnings before entering a new career path. For those interested in the health care sector, a Pharmacy Technician might be a suitable profession with optimal salaries and growth in both pay...

Career Advice March 16, 2023

13 Impressive Ways to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work for this Company?”

“Why do you want to work for this company?” It’s an age-old interview question — as simple as it sounds, it’s one of the most important interview questions that employers lean on.  Employers like asking this question for a few reasons. For one, it gives...

Career Advice March 14, 2023

What Is a Headhunter (and How Does Headhunting Work)?

When you think of a Headhunter, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe it’s the scene from The Office when the Scranton team at Dunder Mifflin learns that Michael Scott has zero job leads after putting in his two-week notice. He says, “At...

Studying at Robertson March 13, 2023

How to Feel More Awake: 15 Hacks for Boosting Energy

Do you often find your head dropping, falling asleep to the sound of your instructor’s voice in your morning class?  Sleep deprivation is no joke, and for post-secondary students, sleep is often in short supply. In fact, college students claim the title of the most...

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