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student learning about accounting courses online
Online Learning January 18, 2021

Accounting Courses Online: Accounting & Payroll Administrator Diploma

Accounting is an exciting and rewarding career, and it’s not just for number-lovers! If you’re looking to learn more about online accounting courses and their content, look no further.  We’ve put together a list of online accounting courses and some of the traits that could...

nurse working on a laptop
Online Learning January 18, 2021

List of Online Nursing Programs: Nursing Assistant Diploma Program

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s the importance of our essential healthcare workers. Nurses, doctors and surgeons (among many others in the healthcare field) have been our champions through a particularly tough year. If your goal is to pursue a career in nursing, we...

student working on laptop
Online Learning January 18, 2021

The 8 Best One-Year Certificate Programs That Pay Well in Canada

If you’re wanting to start your career, update your employment profile or simply broaden your current skills, there are plenty of 1-year certificate programs that pay well in Canada. Whether you’re interested in media arts, technology or health care, a certificate program can help you...

student graduating
Online Learning January 18, 2021

Best Online Courses With Certificate of Completion in Canada

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code? Sing? Design an app or learn a new language? What if you could learn these things for free and from your comfy couch?  Well, you can. Whether you’re a new student, settled in your career or...

person on a computer learning about online courses
Online Learning January 14, 2021

How Many Online Courses Should I Take? Are Online Courses Easier?

Online learning is on the rise and many students are opting to study online for their post-secondary education. It’s for good reason – online courses are convenient, flexible and you can save considerable time if you don’t have to commute. That being said, online courses...

how to start online college courses
Online Learning December 3, 2020

Learn How To Start Online College Courses With These 8 Super Easy Steps

Thriving at new work requires new ways of learning and thinking. Our workforce is shifting to a digital landscape and so has post-secondary education. Traditional office environments are not as common as they used to be, and students need to have the skills to adapt...

how to enjoy holidays at home two people playing in snow
Studying at Robertson December 3, 2020

15 Ways To Make the Holidays Great at Home

The holidays are approaching and they’re looking a bit different for us this year. While most of us will be spending the holidays at home, this doesn’t make you can’t make this festive season one to remember.  We’ve come up with a list of 15...

a person finding more about Online learning is on the rise. Read our blog to learn what is online learning and the difference between Robertson Online programs and our virtual classroom what online learning is
Online Learning November 25, 2020

What is Online Learning? Online Education vs Distance Education

Online learning has become one of the most popular forms of education in our changing world. The global pandemic is an undeniable reason for this, but there are many other benefits to online learning other than our current safety. It reduces transportation (and carbon emissions)...

a person reading about different types of learning
Studying at Robertson November 23, 2020

7 Types of Learning Styles: Find Your Learning Style Today

No two people are completely alike so when it comes to education, everyone learns differently. If you find out how you learn best, it’ll help you become more strategic and efficient when you hit the books.  While there are many different types of learners and...

Community Support Worker Program
Online Learning October 27, 2020

Community Support Worker Diploma Program: Everything You Need to Know

Community support workers provide physical, psychological and social support to individuals from all walks of life. This role is special because you have the opportunity to help people feel seen, discover more about themselves and improve their lives. In many cases, your support may be...

Digital Marketing Online Program
Online Learning October 13, 2020

Digital Marketing Online Diploma – All You Need to Know Before You Start the Program

Over the last few decades, marketing has shifted to a digital landscape. Traditional marketing is becoming less impactful and struggling to compete in a data-driven industry. The newest wave of marketers need to be in touch with the latest digital strategies and technologies in order...

RC500_Studying Online - Getting Organized
Online Learning September 24, 2020

Robertson Online & the Strengths of Online Learning

The definition of work is rapidly changing in our modern workforce. More businesses are going digital and the need for agility, adaptability and flexibility have become increasingly more important. And the same needs apply to your education. Many post-secondary institutions offer online courses which have...

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