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Studying at Robertson January 27, 2022

Jobs in Demand in Canada for 2022

The jobs that are in demand in Canada today are different from what they were even a few short years ago. The pandemic has transformed the employment landscape – more people are working remotely, certain jobs are deemed more “essential” and more people than ever...

School of Technology December 20, 2021

Microsoft Azure: Online Course for Beginners

The dreaded “sorry, you have exceeded your storage limit” notification is all too familiar. In a rush to take that one photo of an important moment, you are forced to delete old files from your phone or computer. What if there was a solution?  There...

School of Technology December 20, 2021

Structured programming in Java: course for beginners

Technology is all around us. It allows us to do things like order groceries to our house, hang out with our friends from around the world through a screen, or solve some of the world’s most complex problems – all at our fingertips. But who...

News Release December 14, 2021

Education Canada Group Sets its Sight on Further Growth with Appointment of Executive Chair and CEO

December 14, 2021 (Winnipeg): Education Canada Group (ECG) is proud to announce the appointment of Paul Holden as the company’s Executive Chair and Liz Choi as its Chief Executive Officer. Both Holden and Choi joined ECG in 2017, bringing with them extensive experience in the...

Studying at Robertson December 13, 2021

What are the ECE programs?

We were all children once. Most of us learned the hard way that stoves were hot or that play-dough was not for eating. Through the guidance of adults in our childhoods, most of us reached adulthood with the skills to be productive members of society,...

Studying at Robertson December 13, 2021

Early Childhood Education: Online Course Overview

Early childhood education is an exciting and rewarding career. Whether it’s by helping them tie their shoes or by teaching them how to share their toys, you get to watch children grow and learn more about themselves every single day. If you feel like you...

People having a health care course
Studying at Robertson December 6, 2021

Professionalism in Times of Uncertainty: Free Healthcare Online Course

Though rewarding, a career in healthcare comes with a lot of stress and obstacles that can seem overwhelming. With constant changes and challenges, especially during the pandemic, it’s important to take a step back and remind yourself you can face these challenges and thrive despite...

School of Technology November 16, 2021

Web Development Course With Certificate

Our online Web Development course is the perfect class if you are looking to enhance your programming skills, or enter a new career. It is a beginner level course that will introduce you to the abilities needed to be successful in the Web Development industry...

Woman studying medical terminology course online
School of Health November 8, 2021

Online Medical Terminology Course With Certificate

If you intend to work in a health care career, having the ability to communicate with physicians, doctors and other medical professionals is extremely important. Understanding medical terms is vital to your job performance and the well-being of patients.  Our Medical Terminology Online Course provides...

Men touching project management course screen
Online Learning October 29, 2021

Project Management Online Course

What’s a career path that can take you in a bunch of directions in a variety of industries? Project management.  As a project management professional, you’ll help businesses achieve their goals by keeping projects organized and on track. In our six-week online certificate program, you’ll...

Box with an ecommerce cart image
Online Learning October 18, 2021

Online Management Course: Ecommerce

Over the years (and especially over the course of the pandemic), e-commerce has become one of the most popular forms of business. This is a field that will only continue gaining momentum over the years and will continue to offer an abundance of job opportunities. ...

School of Community Services October 12, 2021

Free Online Social Worker Course With Certificate

The social work field is broad but there is one thing in common amongst all roles: you get to help people. In fact, it’s arguably the best thing about working in the field. If you love helping others in your community, you might like our...

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