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IT Jobs in Demand in Canada 2020
School of TechnologyJanuary 23, 2020

Information Technology Jobs in Demand in Canada 2020

IT offers a diverse range of work, competitive salaries and a wealth of available jobs and opportunities. There is no better time to start a career in information technology.   From Software Developer to Technical Support Specialist, we cover the eight IT jobs most in demand...

How to achieve your goals in 2020
Career AdviceJanuary 15, 2020

How to achieve your goals in 2020

How many times have you set out new year’s resolutions for yourself and before you know it, it’s February and the list you made is stuffed somewhere in the bottom of a drawer you never look in. This is quite common, and it’s usually because...

How to be more productive in 2020?
Career AdviceJanuary 11, 2020

How to be more productive and make the most out of the new year?

There is something about the start of a new year that pushes us into high gear. We feel inspired to make changes and do better. Whether it’s to spend more time with family, take your dog for more walks, or get an A+ in that...

Career Change - Before Starting Over
Career AdviceJanuary 7, 2020

Career change: things to consider before starting over.

If you dread going into work every single morning, or find yourself daydreaming about other opportunities throughout your day, it’s possible that it is time for a career change. It’s never too late to take the leap and start a new career. But, before you...

Career Change - How do I know it is time to start over?
Career AdviceDecember 12, 2019

Career change: how do I know it is time to start over?

Are you sitting at your current job feeling like you need a career change? Are you wondering when or how you will know if it’s that time to start over? If that has crossed your mind, don’t worry, it’s normal. Wanting to make a career...

School of BusinessDecember 5, 2019

Executive Assistant’s Day to Day: How is it like to work as an Executive Assistant?

The question we are answering today is, what does an executive assistant actually do? What can we expect their nine to five to look like? The true answer: there is no “typical” day to day” as an Executive Assistant. That’s why this position can be...

School of HealthNovember 28, 2019

Pharmacy Technician’s Day to Day: What is it like to work as a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy Technicians are an essential part of a pharmacy, but few people know exactly what it is that they do. Most people know they help the pharmacists prepare medication, but we are going to break down what a day in the life actually looks like....

School of HealthNovember 21, 2019

A Medical Office Assistant’s Day to Day: Working as a Medical Office Assistant

Every profession within the medical sector must work together to bring patients and their families the care they deserve, and Medical Office Assistants play an essential role in the operation of any medical office. There are many ways to work in the medical field, like...

School of HealthNovember 13, 2019

Massage Therapist Careers: Job Searching After Getting Your Diploma

Applying for any job can be a scary and stressful process. If you’ve completed your massage therapy training and are getting ready to interview with potential employers, here are a few general tips on how to prepare yourself including where to search for jobs, how...

Online LearningOctober 30, 2019

Webinar: Exploring the Fundamentals of Online Learning

  Exploring the Fundamentals of Learning Robertson Online is a unique online campus that makes it possible to study more than 20 programs from the comfort of your home, while you maintain your work schedule and life. As an online student you have access to...

School of BusinessOctober 17, 2019

Building Your Resume After Graduating from a Business Administration Program

So you have graduated with a business administration diploma and now it’s time to find a job. Congrats! It’s time to start the job search and create your resume. Building a resume can be difficult, but it can be even more difficult when you graduate...

Studying in Canada
Studying at RobertsonOctober 10, 2019

Studying in Canada

Canada is a great country to settle down and study in. Learn everything you need to know about studying in Canada as an international student—from finding the right school to managing Canadian culture. Read more by following the link in our bio. When deciding where...

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