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Free Online Business Course
School of Business September 8, 2021

Free Online Business Course With Certificate

The great thing about business is it’s versatile. There are businesses of all shapes and sizes in all sorts of industries! This means when you study business, you’ll likely have a wide range of job opportunities. At Robertson, we offer a free online business course,...

Benefits Online Courses
Online Learning September 2, 2021

Benefits of Online Courses

It’s undeniable – people are busy. We’re guilty of it too! From commuting and dropping the kids off at soccer to keeping the house clean and the fridge stocked, there isn’t time for much else, let alone school.  But there is a silver lining: online...

Short online courses with certificate
Online Learning September 2, 2021

Short Online Courses With Certificates

Education can be a big time commitment – we get it. But did you know Robertson offers short online courses with certificates?  Our short online courses (micro-courses) are the perfect way for you to boost your skillset, give you a competitive edge in your career...

Back to School 2021 tips
Studying at Robertson August 23, 2021

Tips for Preparing for Back to School 2021

Heading back to school is exciting but it can also feel overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to get yourself ready to hit the books, whether you’re studying on-campus or online.  Create a comfortable study space. Your space can impact how well you focus...

a pharmacist sorting pills
Studying at Robertson June 25, 2021

Pharmacist Job Demand – Future Of Pharmacist In Canada

If you’re looking for a job in the healthcare industry, a pharmacy job might be perfect for you. Pharmacists help to provide the community with the medications they need to feel their best. The great news for aspiring pharmacists is there’s a pharmacist job demand...

young girl and her parents working on tuition transfer
Robertson News & Events June 25, 2021

How do students transfer tuition credits to parents?

Tuition tax credits are extremely helpful to students who are attending school and working, but did you know that you can also transfer tuition to parents? If you aren’t working and the credit won’t be able to help you save on taxes, this benefit can...

hand calculating tax credit
Robertson News & Events June 25, 2021

Tuition Tax Credit: Full Explanation of the T2202 Form

We understand that taxes can be confusing for everyone, especially students who have less to no experience filing them. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you by including all of the must-know information about the T2202 form in one short and sweet article. Whether...

the bear clan on one of their walk
Robertson News & Events June 25, 2021

National Indigenous History Month 2021: Our Conversation with the Bear Clan Patrol

On June 21, 2021, to celebrate the Indigenous History Month, Robertson had the honour of speaking with Kevin Walker, Interim Executive Director of the Bear Clan Patrol. We want to tell you more about what the organization does in the local community, what we discussed...

Indigenous Youth Group Celebration
Robertson News & Events June 16, 2021

National Indigenous History Month 2021 – Why and How to Celebrate

National Indigenous History Month has been observed every June in Canada for the last 12 years. The celebration and recognition of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples’ history, culture and contributions to Canada happens during this month as we commemorate their Canadian history.  We...

Dentist working on dental hygiene on a patient
School of Health May 6, 2021

Dental Hygienist Job Demand: Is It Easy To Find Dental Hygienist Jobs?

Wondering what life in the dental field might look like? What types of positions are available? Is there a job demand? What do you need to get into dental school? We answer all of those questions and more in today’s blog with a focus on...

Robertson News & Events May 5, 2021

Red Dress Day 2021

Today, May 5, is the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). To honour the MMIWG, we wanted to write about why this day is important and how you can help if you want to support affected families and...

School of Business May 5, 2021

Marketing Job Demand: Is There a Demand for Marketing Jobs in Canada?

Is there a job demand in marketing? The short answer is yes. There are job opportunities for those interested in a career in marketing. Together we will unpack the job demand in marketing, what do people in marketing do, how much do these people get...

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