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Alumni Spotlight: Discover how Golda landed her dream career after Robertson

Career Advice March 31, 2022

“My name is Golda. I am a mother. I am a wife, and I am a Robertson graduate.” 

Golda has always wanted to work in healthcare and could envisioned herself working at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. 

Golda didn’t think she could go back to school. As a mom, she didn’t know how she would be able to fit learning into her already busy life.  However, she knew she wanted to make a change for the better for her family and so, with the support of her husband, she decided to take the Nursing Assistant program.

Robertson’s program delivery format was one of the reasons why Golda decided to take the leap! She was able to study during the day, all while continuing to fulfill her duties as a wife and a mom. 

In 2014, Golda officially graduated from her program and has worked at the Health Sciences Centre on the ambulatory care relief team ever since (she loves it)!







A conversation with Golda

We sat down with Golda to learn more about her experience at Robertson.

Robertson: Why did you choose to go back to school?

Golda: Well, I was already doing massage therapy back then but I didn’t want to continue with it because it was really physically demanding. So I wanted to still be in the healthcare field in some sort of way. So I came across the nursing assistant program, and they offered the three certificates. It intrigued me a little bit more because it gave me more of a backdrop as far as what I can cover… I wanted to go back to school just so that I can further my skillset and see what else I can get myself into. 

Robertson: Can you summarize your experience at Robertson?

Golda: My experience at Robertson was memorable, fun, very, very eye-opening, as far as figuring out what I can do as far as my potential goes. It was eye-opening in the sense that I did not really realize what I was capable of as far as going back to school, doing all that homework again, going through the exams and making a whole bunch of new friends and networking.

Robertson: How has your program and experience with Robertson helped you be a better contributor to the people that you’re serving and also to your employer?

Golda: Well, the skills that I got from Robertson College were a big help as far as the knowledge that I’ve attained and currently am still even learning as far as I go. I’ve managed to be a big contribution to what I do as far as HSC goes. I am part of the relief team, and I guess I can consider myself a senior employee in that part… it’s all in the skillset that I’ve gotten from learning from Robertson College. 

Robertson: What is one of the most valuable things that you took from your education at Robertson?

Golda: It made me learn about myself was what I got out of it, as far as what my potential was. I know for a fact that I could have done, like, the nursing program or even be a doctor, but I chose the nursing assistant program because it was the happy medium as far as being in direct contact with the patient… just being a part of that patient’s life in some way.

Robertson: Can you talk a little bit about the hands-on training that was provided to set you up for success?

Golda: The hands-on training was fun. They gave us CPR training and they also showed us a lot of physically demanding movements or, like, caring for someone directly, to hold them properly, to move them properly without harming yourself and all that stuff as well.

Robertson: Could you describe the career service aspect that was offered at Robertson and how they helped you land your dream job?

Golda: Well, at Robertson College, before you graduate, I think maybe a few months before you graduate, they get us kind of set up for applying for jobs and readying ourselves as far as, like, you know, looking for something after graduation already. So they wanted us to get our resumes ready. They also helped us set up our resumes properly, and make it look nice and presentable, leave out the nonsense stuff (laugh). Yeah, that was months in advance before graduation. So they really prepared us as far as, you know, post graduation and making sure that we had a goal in mind and what we wanted to do…what we wanted to accomplish. 

Robertson: Can you describe how Robertson cared for you after graduation? 

Golda: They cared after me for sure, ’cause they got me hired so fast, I didn’t know what to do with myself.  As far as postgraduate goes, they took care of me, definitely, especially with the program for the career, like, readiness thing. Even when I was finishing off my practicum at HSC in the trauma unit, my preceptors were basically egging me on to apply already ’cause I knew what I was doing. Robertson College was definitely a big help as far as getting me on track right away after graduation.

Robertson: How do you feel about your career and where you’re heading?

Golda: I feel great, as far as working where I am working. I’ve always wanted to be at the Health Sciences Centre. It was basically my end goal when I was in Robertson College. As far as my career goes, I see myself doing this for a very long time, and I’m happy where I am. 

About the Nursing Assistant program

Nursing assistants provide critical support to patients and health units in a variety of health settings. Nursing assistants and medical unit clerks can work in hospitals, supportive care facilities, assisted living houses, nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. If you love helping others and being their source of comfort and support, our Nursing Assistant diploma program may be just the program for you! 

This is a hybrid program, meaning you’ll have a mix of in-person, hands-on training sessions as well as structured online learning. You’ll gain a solid understanding of medical terminology, patient care techniques, safety, infection control, health unit clerk procedures and more. Before you graduate, you’ll apply your skills hands-on during your practicum placement in a real work environment. 

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