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Alumni Spotlight: Discover how Tanisha transformed her future with Robertson College

Career Advice March 31, 2022

“Robertson College gave me the ability to make my dreams come true.”

Tanisha’s decision to come to Robertson College was simple – she always wanted to work in the veterinary field. She chose Robertson to get her foot in the door with hands-on training and knowledgeable instructors that would help her reach her career goals. The administrative focus of her program helped her develop transferrable skills in office administration that can be applied to various office settings.

At first, Tanisha had reservations about online learning, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. She loved getting to study when it worked best for her. Over time, she felt more independent, more motivated and learned how to manage her time well. Despite having to adapt to a whole new way of learning, Tanisha says her instructors made it their priority to make everyone feel like nothing was different. 

In 2021, Tanisha officially graduated from her program with honours and she now works at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre at the front reception. 








A conversation with Tanisha

We sat down with Tanisha to learn more about her experience at Robertson College.

Robertson: Why did you take the Veterinary Assistant program?

Tanisha: My whole life, I have always wanted to work in the veterinary field. I always wanted to fully go up to being a veterinarian and I had a lot of good influences in my life guiding me through that. When I was in elementary school, my dad would get me some veterinary medicine textbooks and while most kids were sitting there reading Stuart Little or something, I was the one random kid there reading a vet medicine textbook.

Robertson: What did you like most about your program?

Tanisha:  What I liked most about the Veterinary Assistant Program was definitely the teachers that I had. They were amazing, and I honestly could not thank them enough for being as amazing as they were. They also taught us more than just, you know, reception, or working up front, and taught us more about working in the back, but they also taught us a lot about ourselves, and focused on that a lot as well.

Robertson: Can you summarize your experience at Robertson in a few words?

Tanisha: My experience at Robertson College was phenomenal. I had wonderful teachers, I had a wonderful experience despite having to take my courses online because of COVID-19. I was originally placed into hands-on experience here in the school, but of course that got changed, but the teachers made my experience wonderful, and the units and stuff that I did learn were amazing, and very, very thought out. The teachers made it amazing.

Robertson: What value does this career choice add to your life?

Tanisha: I’ve always wanted to work in the veterinary field, so now that I’ve graduated from Robertson and I work at, I think the number one vet hospital in Manitoba, I definitely wake up every morning feeling a lot more thankful.

Robertson: That’s great. How has your program and the experience with Robertson allowed you to be the best vet assistant that you can be today?

Tanisha: Robertson definitely helped me and influenced me a lot to be as good of a veterinary assistant as I am, probably just because of the amazing teachers that I did actually have. One teacher I had specifically, Laura, I had her for quite a couple months there, and she was very motivating to listen to. She told us the hard truth of how it was gonna be, but also the nice, rewarding experiences, and she was very one-on-one with all of us.

Robertson: How do you feel about your career and where you’re heading?

Tanisha:  Amazing. I love what I’m doing, and I can’t wait to continue my journey here in the veterinary industry. 10 years ago I probably would have said I would be, you know, a veterinarian, or something like that, ’cause that’s always what I wanted to do. So 10 years ago I would probably be very proud of myself for where I am today, and I couldn’t have done it without Robertson College’s help.

About the Veterinary Assistant program

Veterinary assistant’s play a dual role in the veterinary office. They’re the first person clients communicate with when they visit in person or call and they also assist the vet and vet techs with routine tasks. If you love working as part of a team and love being around animals, our Veterinary Assistant diploma program may be the perfect fit for you! 

Once you graduate, you’ll have a strong understanding of the veterinary medicine field, be able to oversee front office operations, assist veterinary staff as well as use programs and software for administrative tasks. This is an online program which gives you the flexibility to study when and where it works best for you, with the option to attend live lectures. Though you’re never learning fully alone – you can always connect with your peers and instructors to collaborate and ask questions.

Ready to pursue a meaningful career? 

If you’re interested in becoming a veterinary assistant, our Veterinary Assistant diploma program is a great stepping stone to a meaningful career. You’ll be a grad in a short 9 months so you’ll be job-ready, fast. Once you enrol, our Student Admissions Advisors will be in touch. Learn more about studying online and discover if it’s right for you!


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