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Jobs in Demand in Calgary in 2019/2020

September 26, 2019

Before beginning your education and deciding what field you would like to enter, there’s always the question of “what job do I want to get after my diploma or degree?”. We can get all of the diplomas and degrees as we want, but at the end of the day, there has to be jobs for us to get. You don’t want to enter into a field that has no potential employment, which is why we have compiled this list of jobs in demand in Calgary for 2019/2020.

In Calgary specifically, there have been many ups and downs when it comes to employment and the economy. We won’t go into too much detail about the Calgary crisis here, but if you’d like to dive into a more in-depth cover of it, visit this resource.


Jobs in Demand in Calgary 2020


Calgary Employment Statistics

To put it in perspective, in 2015 Alberta lost nearly 20,000 jobs in the energy sector and in 2018, the accommodation and food services industry alone lost more than 9,000 jobs year-over-year. With that being said, it’s looking like Calgary is in good hands moving forward. According to Calgary’s latest forecast from the economic team, Calgary is on track to have five years of solid job growth that will bring the unemployment rate down below six percent.

According to the Calgary Economic Development (CED) the city is home to nearly 225,000 professionals who have science, tech, engineering and math backgrounds. Calgary has the most highly educated population in the country, but still, some employers are struggling to find employees with the digital skills they need. Right now, CED says that there are nearly 2000 positions open in Calgary right now for software engineers, data scientists, programmers, development, and technology roles.

So, what does all of this mean for someone who is on the job search? Well, we’re here to make it easy for you. Because let’s be real, there are many reports, graphs, and statistics online outlining job growth and demand in Calgary, but to most, it can be hard to understand and digest.

Alright, let’s dive in. Take a look below at six jobs in demand in Calgary in 2019/2020.


Calgary Jobs High in Demand


1.Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers

Retail and wholesale trade managers are in charge of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the operations of a company that sells merchandise or services.

Duties: May include managing staff and assigning duties, studying market research and trends to understand consumer demand, determine which merchandise to sell, and source and negotiate with vendors.

Requirements: Secondary school completion and a college diploma in business administration or similar fields may be required depending on the position.

Wage: People working in this position in the Calgary area usually earn between $16.00/hour and $62.50/hour. Wage depends on the type of work, experience, and the company you work for.


2. Property Administrators

Property administrators perform administrative and clerical duties related to investment and real estate. They are typically employed by property or real estate companies, management companies, or the government.

Duties: May include negotiating or approving rental or leases, coordinating repairs and maintenance for their buildings, compiling and maintaining records, administering damage deposits and more.

Requirements: Secondary school completion, a business administration diploma may be necessary, and several years of administrative experience is usually required.

Wage: People working as property administrators in Calgary typically earn between $15.50/hour and $44.71/hour.


3. Retail Sales Supervisors

Retail sales supervisors coordinate and supervise their staff’s activities. Ultimately, they are the ones who oversee staff in the retail store environment.

Duties: Some of their duties include monitoring employee activity, solving day to day problems, assisting customers, organizing staff schedules and more.

Requirements: Secondary school completion and previous retail sales experience is required.

Wage: People working as a retail sales supervisor in Calgary typically earn between $15.00/hour and $29.06/hour.


4. Food Service Supervisors

Food service supervisors supervise and coordinate workers who prepare, portion, and serve food. They are typically employed by hospitals and other health care establishments—usually by cafeterias, catering companies, and other food service companies.

Duties: May include scheduling staff, estimating and ordering ingredients, preparing food order summaries, maintaining stock records, training staff and more.

Requirements: Secondary school completion and a college certificate or diploma program in food service administration or hospitality is typically required.

Wage: People working as a food service supervisor in Calgary usually earns between $15.00/hour and $20.00/hour.


5. Sales and Account Representatives

Sales and account representatives sell non-technical goods and services to retail, wholesale, commercial and industrial clients both domestically and internationally. They typically work for companies that produce or provides goods and services such as gas, good, beverage, cars, tobacco products, and more.

Duties: May include promoting sales to existing clients, identifying and finding new clients, providing clients with presentations, estimating and quoting prices, preparing contracts and more.

Requirements: Completion of secondary school, a university degree or college diploma, and experience in sales, usually related to the product or service you are applying for.

Wage: People working in this field in Calgary usually earn between $16.00/hour and $49.45/hour.


6. Machine Operators

Machine operators operate machinery. They are employed by mineral ore and metal processing plants.

Duties: May include setting up, preparing and adjusting mineral ore, metal, ana cement processing machinery, making adjustments to machinery as required, observing to ensure machinery is being used correctly, and more.

Requirements: Completion of secondary school, experience as a laborer in mineral and metal processing is usually required, and on-the-job training is typically provided to you.

Wage: People working in this field in Alberta typically earn between $20.02/hour and $38.33/hour.


For a full list of occupations in demand projected for 2020, download Alberta’s Short Term Employment Forecast. 

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