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Top 10 Skills Of Administrative Professionals

January 9, 2019

The work of Administrative Professionals touches every aspect of a business. For this reason, training for these positions must provide students with a range of administrative skills aimed at ensuring business of all sizes are operating professionally and efficiently.



If you’re considering a rewarding and multidimensional career in this field, find below the 10 must-have skills Of Administrative Professionals.


1. Organizational Skills

Think of administrative professionals as the brain of an organization – it’s their job to ensure the right signals are being sent to the right places at the right times so that all systems are operating efficiently.

This takes some serious organizational skills. Programs like our Administrative Office Assistant Program and other like-minded programs, provide students with comprehensive training on organizational strategies designed to be used in a variety of office environments so that grads are equipped with the ability to excel wherever their career takes them.


2. Written and Oral Communication Skills

Administrative professionals are the face and voice of an organization, and as such, their written and oral communications skills must be professional and error-free.

Robertson College’s range of Business Diploma Programs include instruction in grammar, proof-reading and oral presentation to ensure grads are confident in every aspect of workplace communication.


3. Technological Skills

Administrative Professionals must be proficient in the latest business technologies to ensure tasks like report writing, data entry, meeting notes, and other projects are completed proficiently on the most up-to-date platforms.

Microsoft Office is still one of the most widely used programs within business environments – knowing how to use Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel and Outlook is key for any administrative professional, and having a strong understanding of these programs will allow you to quickly adapt to new programs introduced throughout your administrative career.


4. Time-Management Skills

You have a sales report due at noon, edits to make on a presentation, and you need to support with the planning of an upcoming luncheon  – as an Administrative Professional you will be involved in all areas of the business, and as a result, you’ll need to make important decisions on how to prioritize tasks and manage a busy schedule.

All of Robertson College’s diverse Administrative Programs offer students the tools and training needed to manage their work calendars. The Veterinary Office Assistant Program, for example, walks students through all of the tasks they may be confronted with at work in order to properly prepare them for real-life scenarios.


5. Self-Motivation Skills

Many Administrative Professionals love their careers because they’re able to work independently and by their own schedules.

This also means it’s important Administrative Professionals are self-motivated and don’t need management providing them with a list of tasks they should be working on.


6. Adaptability Skills

Good Administrative Assistance anticipate the needs of the business and their managers and are able to quickly adapt to the ever-changing demands of the industries they work within.

Robertson College’s Administrative Programs provide students with in-depth industry knowledge so that they have a comprehensive understanding of their future work environments and are able to adapt quickly to challenges that may arise.


7. Efficiency Skills

An indispensable Administrative Professional is one that can not only complete tasks with no errors but can do so in a timely manner. Efficiency is key administrative skill as it will provide Administrative Assistants with the ability to support others in their roles as well as tackle a number of responsibilities in a short timeframe.  


8. Interpersonal Skills

Administrative Professionals must enjoy working with co-workers and clients from all walks of life.

Whether it’s getting to know more about a coworkers family and their cultural practices or helping an elderly client in the lobby of a workplace, Administrative Professionals who take the necessary time to build meaningful relationships with others are sure to stand out within the profession.


9. Professionalism Skills

Often Administrative Professionals are privy to sensitive information regarding a company’s bottom line, its future plans and projections, and other private matters. Students of Robertson College’s Legal Assistant Program, for example, are equipped with the tools to store and maintain sensitive client information.

For any Administrative Professional however, it’s key that professionalism remains at the forefront of any work-related interaction.


10.  Concentration Skills

Because of the nature of their work, Administrative Professionals are often located in public areas of the workplace.

This can mean that there is potential for lots of distractions in the form of foot traffic, chatty coworkers, and other interruptions that can make it difficult to focus on important tasks. Your ability to concentrate on the work at hand is a key administrative skill, and will distinguish you as a focused and dedicated worker.



So – do you have all of these skills, or are there some that you should continue to develop? This is just a short list of the administrative skills that students develop at Robertson College when enrolled in one of our Administrative Professional Programs at our business college.

If you have been thinking of pursuing an administrative career reach out to one of our Career Counsellors who will be happy to tell you more about the exciting opportunities at Robertson College.


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