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Online Business Certifications: Maintaining Your Lifestyle While Studying at Robertson Online

Online Learning July 26, 2019

Are you interested in studying online to receive an online business certificate? If you are ready to take your career to the next level, Robertson Online School of Business is a great place for you do so. Robertson Online offers several online business diploma and certificate programs. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about Robertson’s online business programs.   

Studying at Robertson Online 

Robertson’s Online Programs allow students to study online, from anywhere across Canada. Students who choose to study online benefit from learning in an environment that best suits their own needs – whether that’s at home, the library or their favourite coffee shop. At Robertson, our team assists students during their online courses which includes full communication with student service advisors and employment specialists. 

In many ways, online courses are very similar to traditional learning in the classroom. Online courses are just as robust as face-to-face learning The main difference between the two is that students who study online can study anywhere, at any time. Since this is the case, students must be self-motivated and be strict with themselves when it comes to staying on top of studying and deadlines. 

The first step to studying online is finding business certificate programs and courses that interest you and will help you take your career to the next level. It’s important to know that choosing to study online is not an easier option, it just may be a more convenient one. To successful study online, you’ll need to dedicate time, consistently attend the online program, concentrate, and fully commit to learning online. 

When enrolling in one of Robertson’s Online Programs, you will be able to complete your business diploma or certificate program 100% online with course materials accessible 24/7. You will have access to discussion boards, practical assignments, and instructor feedback. This all contributes to an interactive learning experience. All of Robertson’s Online Programs are flexible. No longer are the days where you need to rush to get your work and studies done. Now, you can study on your own terms.  

How to get certified online 

There are many online certifications all across the country, and many of them can be completed completely through distance education. If you specialize in a subfield of business administration, you can find a wealth of professional certificates designed to help advance your career. In most cases, they are conveniently available online. As easy as logging on to view your lectures and assignments, and completing them at your own leisure. For most business certificate programs, you will communicate with your instructor and peers through communication boards and email. 

Many universities and colleges offer online certificates in business, with some of them allowing students to choose a concentration such as project management or business administration. For example, Robertson Online offers a Project Management Online Certificate. This certificate is ideal for experienced students who are interested in moving their careers forward, looking to upgrade their skills, looking for a change, or those who are looking to receive formal accreditation.   

Students who are studying online in an online business certification program will need access to reliable internet and may need specific software depending on the course and school. 

In order to be certified online, there are a number of different topics you will learn in order to provide you with the latest information on business practices. Below are some of the courses you may find in an online business certificate program.

Project Management 

A project management course will cover the basic steps involved in project cycles. You will learn about organization, evaluation and examining problems and solutions. 


Finance courses will introduce students to theories and finance techniques. You will likely learn about financial markets, cash flow, budgeting, and acquiring capital. 


Marketing courses will cover concepts used to develop marketing strategies. Topics may include domestic and foreign markets, consumer behavior, pricing, distribution and promotion. 

Small Business Management

Small business management courses will cover many different topics. You will likely learn about the many different challenges involved in running a small business like strategic planning and logistics.  You’ll also learn about small business marketing, product pricing, inventory, and customer service practices. 

Human Resources 

Human resource certificate programs will introduce students to what it’s like to work in a human resources department and how it acts in the organization. Topics include recruiting, performance evaluation, compensation and training. 

How long does it take to get certified in an online business program? 

Depending on the college and the stream, certificate programs can take anywhere from six weeks to one year to complete. 

Robertson Online business programs 

Like mentioned above, Robertson Online offers many programs for students. Robertson Online offers a 6-week Project Management Online Certificate Program. In this online business certification, you will learn the terminology, tools, and techniques that are required to take a project from the initiation process to planning, executing, controlling, and closing. In addition to that, you will learn key concepts in project management. After graduating from Robertson’s Project Management Online Certificate Program, students can find career opportunities in many places. For example, you can work as a project manager, event manager, event coordinator, project coordinator, account coordinator, or a project team manager. 

If the online certificate program does not interest you, below you can find all of Robertson’s online business programs. Click on each program below for more information. 


Robertson School of Business prepares students for successful careers in business and administration.


Accounting and Payroll Administrator

Accounting Technician

Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper

Administrative Office Assistant

Business Administration – Event Planning and Hospitality

Business Administration – Human Resources Coordinator

Digital Marketing

Dental Office Administrator

Legal Assistant

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Veterinary Office Assistant 


The information above should paint a clear picture of everything you should know before enrolling in a Robertson Online course. In addition to the information above, Robertson advisors are here to help current and prospective students navigate any questions they may have about studying alone and online courses.

There are many benefits to learning online and we are here to ensure every single student succeeds no matter what learning environment they choose. Talk to an advisor today about training toward a meaningful and rewarding career through our online classrooms.

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