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Is Human Resources Coordinator a Good Career?

April 22, 2019

Prior to selecting a program, it’s important to have a clear of understanding of what a career with that diploma will look like for you after graduation. Many students rush to the sound of a program only to find out they don’t love the job as much as they thought they would. In this post we want to explore the depths of working as a human resources coordinator. A human resources coordinator is a great position for the people-person who is adaptable, confident, a good judge of character, and an attentive listener. The points below discuss the reasons becoming a human resources coordinator may be a great career choice for you.

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Diverse Work

As a human resources coordinator, your job starts right with employee recruitment through the time they are employees at the company. With overseeing not only current staff but recruiting future employees, a human resources coordinator must be adaptable and a great judge of character. Since they deal with employees on many different levels, every single day will look different, meaning the daily projects and tasks will vary. For example, one day you might be helping an employee navigate their health insurance and the next day you may be dealing with the effects of a new regulation. If you are someone who thrives off a diverse scope of work, a career as a human resources coordinator would be a great choice.

Many industry options

Not everyone gets to work for a company or an environment they love, but with a position in human resources, you have the opportunity to really work anywhere and in any industry. Most companies, if not all, have some sort of human resources department. It’s a very important aspect to a company and is one of the main ways companies stay in business. For example, if you are interested in fashion, you can work as a human resources coordinator for a fashion company, and the same goes for a sports team, a hospital, etc.

Problem solving

If you are someone who can’t help but fix a problem when they see it – choosing a career as a human resources coordinator may be a great choice for you. As a human resources coordinator, many different issues can arise daily. Sometimes, it can be as little as picking up on something with an interview candidate, or something larger like spotting a serious problem between employees in the workplace, but regardless of the issue, it is up to the human resources coordinator (and their team) to come up with a plan of action. If you are someone who thrives off of sorting out kinks and problems even before they arise, a career in human resources would be extremely gratifying.

Work with people

Anyone who is considering a job as a human resources coordinator has to be someone who enjoys working with people every single day. If this sounds like you, this may be another indicator a career in human resources is right for you. Whether it’s conducting interviews, training sessions, answering internal questions or disputes, there will always be some sort of daily human interaction in your job. If you thrive working with others, you will find many reasons to love your job.

Work Readiness

If you choose to take Robertson’s Human Resources Coordinator Diploma Program, you will take part in a four-week work practicum, where you will have the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals. This will give you the necessary practical experience before graduation, which allows you to start working soon after receiving your Human Resources Coordinator Diploma.

Hopefully after reading the above points you have a better understanding of if a career as a human resources coordinator is for you. It’s important to note that a career in this field could be a reality for you sooner than you think. It doesn’t take long to become a human resources coordinator and Robertson College offers courses both online at our Calgary and Edmonton campuses. At Robertson, we are committed to providing you with career services and evidence-informed education that goes beyond the standards. Reach out to a Robertson Admissions Advisor today for more information.


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