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Marketing Job Demand: Is There a Demand for Marketing Jobs in Canada?

School of Business May 5, 2021

Is there a job demand in marketing? The short answer is yes. There are job opportunities for those interested in a career in marketing. Together we will unpack the job demand in marketing, what do people in marketing do, how much do these people get paid and other options if you’re interested in marketing but not sure how to get there. 

Marketing is one of the most diverse fields to work in. A marketing team can be made up of as little as one or two people or can be made up of thousands. With that being said, what you do in the marketing field can be very different depending on the structure of the team, what your interests are and many other factors. 


Best marketing jobs in Canada

As discussed, there are so many different jobs within the marketing field. It is one of the most diverse fields as you can look at 10 different people who are all on the same marketing team and their day-to-day work can be so vastly different from one another. The great thing about this type of environment is that they are all working toward the same goal. They want to see the business which they are marketing for succeeding. Here are some of the most popular careers in marketing.


1. Marketing Research Analyst

This job is an in-demand job and it is no question why. Marketing research is crucial to business success or failure, and being able to analyze this research is even more important. They use the existing numbers, from their own business or from competitors, to help create strategies for marketing a product or service. They can analyze what consumers are willing to spend their money on and what they want. Their average salary is $62,150 and they have a projected growth rate of 19% for the job demand, which is above average compared to other careers.


2. Marketing Director

Much like the marketing field, this job can be vastly different depending on the size of the company that you are working for. If you are working at a smaller organization as a marketing director you can expect to have your hands in many different sectors including creative, promotional and marketing strategies. If you are working within a bigger company, you can expect to be more of an overseer of staff, budgets and planning. To begin working as a marketing director, you will need to have experience in marketing and management. The average salary of a marketing director is $80,921.


3. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are responsible for the company’s growth and customer expansion. Their goal is to acquire these new customers to see an increase in sales and profitability. Marketing managers typically are also responsible for a team of individuals who may work as marketing specialists, copywriters, designers, art directors, and more. They identify areas of improvement based on research trends and sought marketing opportunities. They then take what they know and relay the information to their teams who then collaboratively work to create a cohesive strategy and in some cases, campaign. The average salary for marketing managers is $128,750 which is higher than most marketing positions.


4. Business Development Manager

Business development managers strive to use their marketing knowledge to obtain new business. This new business’s purpose is to help the organization grow. They will be most knowledgeable about competitors as opposed to most others within the marketing team. Their average salary is $72,358 and they work with both the sales and marketing team to create campaigns that are designed to help with growth.


5. Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists work to create the desired public image of a company. They work to manage their brand and create any sort of exposure a company gets in the public eye, a positive one. Any news that is being released about the company, the public relations specialist is to be on top of so that the companies word can be put out. They may do this by releasing a press release or using social media. $56,770 is the average salary for a public relations specialist. 


marketer presenting a plan


High paying marketing jobs – do marketing jobs pay well?

1. Corporate Communications Director

According to TheMuse and Payscale, corporate communications directors are the highest paid professionals in marketing and make an average salary of $124,054 and people within this role’s salary may range from $77,000 to $173,000 per year. 

These people typically are in charge of the messaging and communications of the company and overseeing press releases, speeches, presentations, internal communications and more. 


2. Marketing Research Director

Marketing research directors are the second highest paid in the industry bringing home an average salary of $111,907 and a salary ranging from $74,000 to $157,000. The low end of this spectrum is the entry-level or less experienced marketing research directors, while the high end is reserved for the most senior employees within larger companies. 

They are responsible for conducting research that gives a clear understanding of the market and customers of the company so that strategy may be developed.


3. Director of Email Marketing

The director of an email marketing job is the third highest paid with an average salary: $102,588 and the range being from $58,000 to $161,000. 

Their job is to drive email marketing traffic, engagement and sales. This job is especially important for companies to have done successfully since so much of our world is online now. Getting messaging directly to people’s inboxes is a great way to get their attention.


4. Director of Digital Marketing

It is no surprise that digital marketing holds such a high ranking on this list, coming in at number four of the highest paying marketing jobs. The director of digital marketing role has an average salary of $99,040 and a salary range of $60,000 to $148,000.

These employees are responsible for the way that a brand may be viewed online and their goal is to increase visibility. They may do this through social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and other creative strategies and campaigns.


5. Content Marketing Director

Marketing can be really fun and exciting to be a part of, and for the creatives out there, content marketing might be one of the best fitting jobs for you. Content marketing directors have an average salary of $95,854 and their salary may range from $56,000 to $139,000.

Their job description matches the title quite closely. They work on creating a variety of different types of content whether it may be written or visual content. They oversee the creation of this content while creating strategy, development, scheduling and marketing.


Is there a demand for marketing jobs? Is it difficult to get a job in marketing?

There is a demand for marketing jobs in Canada. We’ve outlined some of the best opportunities above if you are hoping to have a career in marketing, but there are so many other jobs out there. Marketing is also a fairly competitive industry, although there are many available jobs, many candidates are applying and competing for the same positions you may be interested in.

According to the Job Bank of Canada, there is a fair outlook on the job market for aspiring marketing managers. They predict that over the next decade we should expect to see nearly 20,000 marketing manager jobs open up, while also having nearly 20,000 individuals to fill these roles. 

It’s pretty safe to say that if you want to work in marketing, there will definitely be opportunities available for you. Marketing is a job that requires experience to grow into the more senior roles so once you’re given an opportunity, stick with it and work hard. You will see the hard work pay off!


Is marketing a dying Field? Is marketing a good career choice?

Quite the opposite, marketing is evolving in ways that 30 years ago we might have never thought possible. With the power of technology and social media, marketing agencies are finding new ways to market their products and businesses every day. Each company that you come across will have a very unique marketing plan in place as there are so many different options for businesses to choose from when it comes to marketing. 

There may be different forms of traditional marketing that are slowly dying, or less popular than they used to be such as print ads, television commercials, direct mail, phone calls and more. Many brands simply don’t even consider this form of marketing anymore because it is expensive and may be no more effective than one of the more modern marketing strategies such as social media, influencer marketing and email marketing. 

Regardless, marketing isn’t a dying field and it’s a great career choice. Even traditional marketing is still utilized by certain brands. However modern, digital marketing strategies are more popular among most businesses today.


What is a career in marketing like?

A career in marketing is exciting and ever-evolving. Since we already know how much marketing has changed over the last 30 years from reading above, we know that the ways that people used to market their business are completely different than how we see them doing it now. 

Marketing keeps up with the world around it. So you have to be able to adapt and learn so that your business can perform at its best. Another thing about marketing is that most of the time, you need to start in an entry-level position and work your way up. To grow in your career, you need experience over anything else and the best way to get that is by working in the field, learning at the baseline level. Gradually you will be able to move into more senior roles once you become more knowledgeable and experienced. This is great because those more senior roles can have a lot more pressure and expectation, so it’s very important to know exactly what you need to do to get the results you want. 


Digital Marketing Program at Robertson

If you like what you’re hearing about the field of marketing and all it has to offer so far you might want to consider taking a program to get your career started. Not all marketing jobs require you to study marketing in school to be eligible for them, but it gives you a leg up on other candidates. Robertson offers an online e-commerce program that gives students a wide range of knowledge from understanding the field of e-commerce to running their own e-commerce business to different marketing strategies that will help you be successful in the field. The format of this program is online and lasts for 46 weeks, plus a 3 week practicum. 


Career opportunities

This program gives students a wide range of career opportunities once they finish the degree. You will have a wide variety of options within the e-commerce field:

  • E-Commerce specialist
  • E-Commerce Store Manager
  • E-Commerce Operations Specialist
  • E-Commerce Partnership Manager
  • E-Commerce Account Manager
  • E-Commerce Coordinator
  • E-Commerce Marketing Assistant

You will also have many opportunities that are not directly related to e-commerce:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Customer/Client Support Agent
  • Support Advisor
  • Customer Support Team Leader/Lead
  • Site Merchandiser or eCommerce Merchandise Manager
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Entrepreneur / Business Owner
  • Merchant Support
  • Support Advisor
  • Customer Success Manager

This program is a great first step if you’re looking for a career in marketing. What makes it even more worthwhile is the fact that it teaches you more than just about marketing and can get you knowledgeable about running a successful business. E-Commerce has become one of the main ways this generation shops. 


Is it worth getting a marketing degree?

Marketing jobs require knowledge. This can either come from experience or your education. A marketing degree can open many doors for you into the marketing world that might otherwise stay shut. It can be hard to get this initial experience without any education in marketing.

You will be more likely to get a job and do well at that job if you have attended a program of some kind in marketing. 


Is marketing right for you?

Now that you have all the information on the marketing job demand, different types of marketing jobs and the salaries that accompany them, it’s time to decide if you think it’s right for you. The great thing about marketing is that there are so many different paths and options to choose from. If you love to venture into visual arts or writing you may be better fitted for the creative side of things. However, if you are obsessed with learning and researching you might fit better into a research or analytical role. 

Whatever you choose, the best thing about marketing is that there is always room for change and getting your foot in the door is the best starting point.

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