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Calgary College for International Students

Studying at Robertson September 19, 2019

Each country comes with its own set of characteristics and customs, and you might find yourself in a bit of culture shock. Living in Canada can be very different for you which is why getting involved in activities at school, the local arts or music scene, or picking up a new sport will help you adjust and build a network of friends. Studying at Robertson is an incredible way to ensure you have a positive start in Calgary. Our International Student Services team in Calgary is built to help you every step of the way.

Ready to get started? Continue reading to learn more about Robertson’s International Students program and about life here in Calgary. 


College Teacher in Classroom - Calgary


International Students at Robertson

Making the decision to relocate is never easy. Moving to a new country brings its own set of barriers and challenges, which is why we have a specific international student’s admissions department to work with students to find the right programs. Our staff and experienced instructors are there for our students to make sure they have the right skills they need to start their lives and careers in Canada.

Often times, before international students enroll in diploma programs, it is suggested they take classes to develop a strong English language foundation to communicate and effectively contribute in a Canadian classroom. Robertson offers intensive Language & Culture programs that help international students develop learning strategies that are necessary in the classroom. Learning activities in these courses will focus on reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar, speaking, and listening skills. These courses will give international students the confidence and English proficiency necessary to excel not only in the classroom, but in their day to day lives in Canada.


Language & Culture programs for International Students:

The two intensive full time 12-week programs below each have two start dates throughout the year and run from Monday to Friday, 22-25 hours per week.


Intensive Academic English (IAE4) Advanced

This intensive language program is designed to help students reach the English proficiency necessary to apply to the International diploma programs at Robertson. We offer contemporary and cutting-edge techniques using digital media and updated real-world texts and videos. This along with small class sizes and cultural related activities create the opportunities necessary for students to actively participate in their learning.


Intensive Academic English (IAE3) Intermediate

This intermediate language program focuses on the continued development of the skills needed to effectively communicate in English. We maintain smaller class sizes and use a new real-world approach in the Canadian context. Students in the intermediate English language level will work on improving their writing, reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar skills. Fun and meaningful cultural activities round out this language class.

Read more information about the programs here.

On top of the Language & Culture programs, Robertson also offers International Students Health and Business Diploma Programs.


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College Programs for International Students:

An important note: Before international students can study any of the professional diploma programs listed below, there is a 10-week prerequisite PACE course they must take. Read up on that course here.

Alright, let’s get started with the good stuff. Here are the programs we offer that are designed to help you move forward and take tangible steps to the career which best matches the things you care about. Browse through these programs, and if you see any of interest, click on any of the titles to reach out to a Student Admissions Advisor, who will then help you decide which may be the right fit for your abilities, skills, and goals. 


Calgary College - School of Health


Calgary College - School of Business


Living in Calgary

College is important, but it would be silly to say that it’s the most important part of any student’s life. If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in what life outside of your courses will be like. What is the weather like? What is there to do on the weekends? Where is the campus located in relation to everything? Those must be some of the questions you are asking yourself.

Keep reading to learn a little more about Calgary and what it’s like to be a college student studying there.

Calgary is an incredible city to choose to study and live in. At its core, it is a diverse, energetic, and young city full of experiences for everyone. 

 Calgary population: 1.6 million. Third largest city in Canada


Calgary Weather:

Calgary Weather


 Calgary life: Shopping, Hiking, Sporting Events, Visit National Parks, Ballet, Farmers Market, Great food, and more. Check out Tourism Calgary here.


Why Robertson?

If you choose to study at Robertson, now is a great time because Robertson just opened its new Calgary Campus located at 2912 Memorial Drive. Not only are the facilities top of the line, but Robertson offers incredible International Student Services to those studying at Robertson. Our main goal is to help you feel like you are at home. Whether you choose to migrate or decide to go back to your home country, the valuable skills and information you will learn at Robertson will help you no matter your future path. Robertson offers career services and counselling, practicum services, faculty and academic advising, accommodations, orientation and more.


Ready to Get Started?

Once you take the first step, one of our Student Admissions Advisors will get in touch to better understand your goals for the future.