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Micro-Course Bundles

These new micro-course bundles are designed to help small to medium-sized businesses diversify their skillset, quickly.

Keep up with the ever-changing demands of doing business in 2022.

Businesses in all sectors have had to pivot how they operate in order to adapt to our changing world. Many of those changes haven’t been easy.

At Robertson, we understand there’s a need for training, whether it’s e-marketing or digital analytics to help businesses adapt to online enterprise, or event coordination to prepare for new ways of gathering remotely and in person.

This is why we’ve created micro-course bundles – to give local businesses an avenue to diversify and strengthen their skills in areas where they desire more training, fast.

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What's Included?

Each bundle has beginner and intermediate options tailored to a specific set of skills to help a variety of business types.

Learners will have access to instructor and peer support and collaboration throughout the course, as well as hands-on training from industry experts.

Upon course completion, learners will earn a digital badge to showcase on LinkedIn and their resume.

Bundles Overview

Bundle 1: Bricks & Mortar Small Businesses (Retail & Personal Services)

Tier A: Moving Your Business Online (Beginner)

Courses: Intro to Ecommerce, Business Operations and Marketing Strategies 

Price: $2500

This bundle focuses on introductory e-business concepts and strategies and is a perfect option for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Learners will gain the skills to enhance their current e-business practices by updating their website, maximizing e-business efficiencies, creating more effective sales strategies and broadening their client base.

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Tier B: Supercharge Traffic and Sales  (Intermediate)

Courses: SEO, Digital Analytics, E-Marketing and Web Development Basics

Price: $2500

This bundle focuses on key digital strategies and concepts to help small business owners and entrepreneurs drive their business forward. Learners will gain skills in search engine optimization, digital analytics and e-marketing strategies to enhance their webpages and marketing efforts.

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Bundle 2: Arts, Culture and Recreation Services

Tier A: Organizing and Managing Remote Group Events (Beginner)

Courses: Special Events, Remote Work, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Event Coordination, MSO Applications

Price: $2500

This bundle focuses on event planning and coordination to help businesses in the recreation and leisure sector facilitate online events. Learners will gain the skills to create basic marketing strategies to generate e-business and use Microsoft applications to write marketing communications and documents.

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Tier B: Standing out and Generating Revenue from Events (Intermediate)

Courses: Hospitality Sales & Marketing, Intro to eCommerce, Marketing Strategies and Event Management

Price: $2500

This bundle focuses on marketing strategies, event management and e-business concepts to help recreation and leisure professionals thrive in an e-business environment. Learners will gain additional skills in e-commerce, marketing and event planning to create successful events that generate excellent participation and revenue. 

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Why Choose a Micro-Course Bundle?

Each bundle has been carefully curated to provide a specific set of skills and training relevant for businesses in a variety of sectors. When you register for a bundle, you’ll know exactly what skills you’ll walk away with when you’re done.


  • 24/7 course material access. All course materials are hosted on Brightspace, our online learning hub. You’ll be able to access your materials on any device and contact your facilitators to ask questions.

  • Flexibility. We understand as an entrepreneur/business owner, your time is limited and valuable. That’s why with our micro-courses, you have the flexibility to choose when and where you study. You fit the course into your life, not the way around.

  • Accreditation. When you complete your bundle, you’ll get a digital badge to highlight on LinkedIn and your resume, showcasing you’re a part of an accredited college and network.

  • Upskilling made easy. Our micro-courses are up-to-date with industry trends so you are truly prepared to apply your new skills and hit the ground running once you’re done.

How To Get Started

If you’re interested but want a bit more information, our supportive team of advisors can answer any of your questions.  Whether you’re unsure of course structure, payment or simply want to figure out which bundle is right for you, connect with an advisor here

If your heart is set on a bundle and you’re ready to register, great! Fill out the form below to proceed to payment.