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Health Care Aide Challenge Online Course

The Health Care Aide Challenge program is a certification process for uncertified Health Care Aides in Canada with directly related work experience.

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Other qualifying candidates include foreign-trained nurses and other healthcare professionals with similar experience.

Program Overview

Program Learning Outcomes

In order to qualify for the Health Care Aide Challenge program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have 1200 hours of work experience within the past 24 months as an uncertified Health Care Aide in Canada or as a foreign-trained nurse;
  • Demonstrate proof of English language proficiency
  • Have an updated resume
  • Have a completed employer form from your current employer stating hours and detailed job description

If you are applying as a foreign-trained nurse, please note that the college will require a copy of your degree as not all foreign nursing programs are accepted. For more information, please contact us by filling in the form below.

Topics of Study

Self-Assessment and Analysis

Requires students to complete a self-assessment, which lists the course learning outcomes and requires applicants to determine their level of proficiency in each one.

Creation of an Individual Study Plan

Allows students to customize a study plan with help from Robertson’s educational department who identify knowledge and skill gaps to create an individualized study/training plan tailored for the student.

Challenge of the Course's Written Exam

Allows students to challenge the course exam in a proctored environment. An 80% grade is required to pass. The HCA certificate consists of seven courses. Applicants wishing to obtain their certificate must challenge/pass all seven courses.

Self-Study, Online Study or Site-Based Workshops

Requires students to take a site-based workshops prior to completing testing. The exam review workshop is a tutor based theory session with a Robertson educator. The second is a lab skills workshop where the lab skills are demonstrated by nurses then students have hands on practice. The third optional workshop is the Assisting with Medication Workshop.

Assessment of Knowledge and Skills

Requires students to successfully complete an in-lab skills assessment facilitated by a Robertson educator (RN/LPN).

Application Process

  1. Applicants must write an entrance test or provide documentation of high school diploma
  2. Applicants must have a completed application form
  3. English proficiency documentation will be required where the primary language of instruction for post-secondary education is not English

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