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Medical Office Assistant Diploma Program Winnipeg

Medical Office Assistants play an essential role in the operation of any medical office.

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Our program trains you to perform critical administrative duties, handle basic clinical tasks, maintain medical records, bookkeeping and working directly with patients to check their height, weight, temperature and blood pressure.

Program Overview

The Robertson College Winnipeg Medical Office Assistant diploma program will help you develop proficiency as a Medical Office Assistant in a wide variety of areas ranging from medical terminology to clinical procedures.

  • Be introduced to clinical procedures and learn the key competencies and clinical skills performed in a medical office setting including vital signs, motor testing, sensory testing, sterile procedures and more
  • Learn office procedures that are applicable to the medical office setting including navigating around medical office software, patient record keeping, office administration, and patient relations
  • Develop the Medical Transcription skills necessary to produce accurate medical reports from recorded dictation 
  • Learn about anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology useful to a medical office setting
  • Develop professional business communication and customer service skills to work in a dynamic medical office setting
  • Earn your Emergency First Aid / CPR training certifications
  • Learn proper typing techniques and improve your keyboarding accuracy
  • Learn to use Microsoft Windows applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


Graduates are qualified to work in medical, chiropractic, dental, physiotherapy and massage clinics, doctor’s offices, hospitals as well as in the claims department of insurance companies. 

  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Medical Secretary
  • Medical Billing Clerk
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Primary Care Assistant

Topics of Study

Administrative Office Procedures - 20 hours

Introduces students to common office procedures, such as human relations; organization structure and office layout; office technology; front-line reception; aspects of business communication specific to the office professional and record keeping are covered.

MS Office Applications - 80 hours

Prepares students to perform functions common to all Microsoft Windows applications. Elements include the ability to create and manipulate Word, Excel, or PowerPoint applications, modify the display of toolbars and other on-screen elements, use online help, and perform file management, editing, formatting and printing functions common to most Windows applications.

Keyboarding - 20 hours

Improves touch typing skills on a keyboard with a focus on improving speed and accuracy. This course increases job efficiency and and understanding of work station ergonomics.

Business Communications - 60 hours

Explores the essential skills for basic business writing and professional interaction. This course also emphasizes the role technology plays in the workplace to enhance communication.

Customer Service - 20 hours

Provides a foundation for customer service, and focuses on building lifelong customer relationships through the development of positive customer care approaches.

Career Preparation - 40 hours

Develops strategies for successful job searching, interviewing and career management.

Anatomy, Physiology, & Medical Terminology 1 - 100 hours

Explores how to deconstruct medical terms and use them appropriately in relation to the body’s structures, functions and diseases.

Anatomy, Physiology, & Medical Terminology 2 - 100 hours

Prepares students to deconstruct medical terms and use them appropriately in relation to the body’s structures, functions and diseases. This course is Part II of Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology.

Billing & Coding - 40 hours

Introduces students to billing and coding in medical facilities.

Clinical Procedures 1 - 60 hours

Provides students with understanding of variety of procedures and practical experiences in a clinical setting.

Clinical Procedures 2 - 40 hours

Explores a variety of procedures and practical experiences in a clinical setting.

Introduction to Human Resources - 20 hours

Reviews human resource functions that assist an organization deliver value through proper management of the employee life cycle.

Medical History, Law, & Ethics - 40 hours

Introduces students to the medical code of ethics and the law that directs the medical community in everyday practices.

Medical Office Procedures - 80 hours

Reviews the basic administrative and clinical responsibilities in a medical office. The lessons cover reception, booking appointments, office correspondence, basic office accounting and sterilization and infection control procedures. Students also develop their critical thinking skills as they learn how to meet various patient needs.

Medical Transcription - 80 hours

Provides students with basic knowledge of the process of creating an accurate written document, from verbal recordings.

Medical Office Assistant Program Practicum

Valuable workplace experience is gained during the compulsory 4-week full-time practicum where you will work alongside industry professionals in a medical office setting.

Penny Paul

Jolly Deb

Blandyna Samborski

Penny Paul is an instructor for Medical Office Assistant, Medical Terminology, and Administrative Professional programs at Robertson College. She has experience as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Medical Education Manager, and Nursing Manager. Her academic credentials are a Diploma of Public Health Nursing and a Diploma of Business Administration, as well as being a Registered Nurse.

Penny Paul

Jolly Deb is an instructor for our Medical Office Assistant program. She is an internationally educated physician with 31 years of experience in the medical field. She worked 20 years in Brunei as a General Practitioner. She has also mentored nurses and medical students in the clinical setting and conducted CME (Continuing Medical Education) workshops.

Jolly Deb

Blandyna Samborski is an instructor and coordinator for our Medical Office Assistant program. She enjoys training the next generation of Medical Office Assistants entering the field and providing them with the skills and confidence they need to start their careers! Blandyna holds a Medical Office Assistant diploma as well as a Business Administration diploma. Prior to teaching at Robertson College, Blandyna worked as the Office Manager of a Winnipeg-based medical office.

Blandyna Samborski

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