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Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Program Edmonton

A rewarding career in pharmacy.

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Are you interested in working in a pharmacy setting? Pharmacy Assistants work under the supervision of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians and play an integral role in both retail and institutional pharmacies. Duties may include preparing drug compounds, then preparing, packaging and labeling them for clientele, maintaining drug storage, assisting patients and reconciling third party insurance claims.

Program Overview

From helping prepare prescribed medication, counting tablets, and preparing labels to handling customer inquiries in-person and over the phone, operating the cash register and stocking shelves, Pharmacy Assistants play an integral role in the efficient operation of a pharmacy.

  • Gain theory, lab, and practicum experiences so you can transition easily into your new work setting
  • Be introduced to Community and Institutional Pharmacy procedures so you can be prepared to work in a variety of pharmacy settings
  • Learn the basic math calculations used by Pharmacy Assistants in retail and hospital pharmacies
  • Be introduced to basic human anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and medical terminology that will help you identify the major classes of drugs to treat different conditions


Graduates will qualify for employment in the community (retail) or institutional (hospital) pharmacies.

Topics of Study

Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology - 80 hours

Introduces students to the human anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. Students learn medical terminology and pharmacology of major classes of drugs used in the treatment of common disease conditions.

Career Preparation - 20 hours

Explores the skills needed to effectively search for industry related employment, including preparing a resume, LinkedIn account, cover letter and interviewing skills.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills - 40 hours

Develops communication skills when engaging with pharmacy personnel, other health care professionals and customers. Students are encouraged to use effective listening skills when dealing with different or difficult individuals. Ethnic and cultural differences are celebrated and tolerance and understanding is applauded.

Community Pharmacy Procedures - 100 hours

Explores the fundamentals of dispensing Prescriptions, including translating Latin abbreviations, analyzing directions for patient use in order to calculate quantities, pricing, preparing labels, maintaining accurate patient profiles and ensuring all record keeping required by legislation is accurately maintained. Accuracy, quality assurance, and proper inventory management are emphasized. Students are exposed to a “hands-on approach” and learn retail software necessary to fill a prescription from start to finish with complete accuracy.

Compounding - 20 hours

Develops a understanding for mixing extemporaneous pharmaceutical solutions including liquids, suspension, ointments and creams. Special focus is given to the importance of accuracy in calculations, weighing and measuring as well as maintaining accurate records and documentation.

Institutional Pharmacy Procedures - 40 hours

Prepares students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to work in an institutional pharmacy setting. Students are introduced to various drug distribution systems and policies and procedures applicable to handling and dispensing of medication in this setting.

Introduction to Computers - 40 hours

Provides students with a basic understanding of common computer applications. Office applications covered include word processing, spreadsheets and presentation.

Jurisprudence - 20 hours

Familiarizes students with the roles of the Pharmacy Assistant, Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacist. In addition, students are introduced to the legislation governing the practice of pharmacy and to the professional standards and ethics.

Pharmacy Calculations - 60 hours

Familiarizes students with performing calculations required within pharmacy settings. Students gain a full understanding of the mathematics involved in the preparation of a prescription. Students are also introduced to short forms and symbols, metric measures as well as imperial measures and their conversions.

Pharmacy Assistant Program Practicum

Upon completion of the classroom portion of the program, you will participate in a full-time practicum in a pharmacy setting where you will gain valuable work experience and be able to perform the duties learned in a classroom and lab in a real-world pharmacy setting.

Amanda High

Balpreet Kaur

Amanda is a regulated pharmacy technician and has been working in community and long-term care pharmacy settings for over 10 years. She is passionate about pharmacy and understands that excellent pharmacy assistants are the cornerstone of a successful pharmacy. She aims to help each individual student become inspired to help patients through both accurate technical skills and excellent customer service.

Amanda High

I have 6 years of plus experience working and Counselling in the Community Pharmacy .Being a member of Alberta College of  Pharmacists, I am always up to date with the new laws and regulations. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with students more as a mentor for them than just being an instructor .Pharmacy is all about Accuracy so it is very Crucial to understand Why behind every step that we perform at work.  My goal is to make my students ready for real life pharmacy experiences with enough exposure at our simulated Lab and Software training.I am also fond of the school of thought that once you start loving your work its not work anymore , its simply part of your life.

Balpreet Kaur

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