“This was monumental for me because it was something that I worked hard at and I succeeded. I succeeded.

I worked as a Nurse's Aide and I was working the night shift. 55 years old, I was thinking, "I don't want to do nights for the rest of my life."

Every time I applied for jobs in the office, I was overlooked. I had the experience, I just didn’t have the certificate.

My daughter's friend decided to go to Robertson College for her education. I said, "How did you do it?" So she told me.

I gave Marla at the college a call and got started. They got it all done up for me, they set up everything – the student loan, everything. I didn’t have to worry about that part. Finally, I had the opportunity to do this. I decided Robertson College was going to help me.

I live out of town, so I couldn't come into the city to go to school.

I had to work and go to school so I had to do the online version. I also live out of town so I couldn’t come to Winnipeg to go to school. The online program was convenient for me. I took the computer to work and did my courses there offline because we didn’t have Internet there. Then I could upload it when I got home. 

Robertson gave me the tools to get my education so that I could use my certificate to get a better position.

You have to have your own tenacity to want to do something. If you’re going online, you need to be somebody that can do this on your own. Robertson has given me the tools to get my education so that I could get a better position.

In my last interview when I was hired, the lady that hired asked me what it was that I took through Robertson. I said, “Business Administration Management” and she goes, “oh, so you’ve opened the door for a lot of things!” I said, “Oh yeah, I hope so.” 

Before I even finished my course, I got into the office as a Scheduling Clerk. They didn’t overlook me this time.

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