“I was looking for a rewarding career, something that would give me satisfaction.”

Once you make the decision that you're ready to start something new, you just want to get started.

Once I knew I wanted to go back to school for Massage Therapy, it was not something I wanted to sit on. So, I planned it out. Looked at the dates and Robertson was really good because they had different start dates and programs. I knew I would also have to be working at the same time so I needed something that would let me balance everything.

It's nice when you meet people that you can relate to.

It’s nice when you meet people that have same goals and interest and you just connect. There were a couple of people in this class that I was able to do that with. 

Do I feel like Robertson prepared me for being a Massage Therapist? Yes, absolutely, no doubt.

Class sizes were good and that’s something I really appreciated because you knew you got the attention that you needed. If you had a question and it would be answered.  Now, I’m working as a Massage Therapist, I have regular clients.  My dad’s had problems with his knee. Ended up going for a knee surgery and then being able to see his x-rays and understanding what the doctor’s writing up and seeing the diagnosis, it’s been helpful because it’s helpful to treat him. And I know now how to help him whereas before, I wouldn’t have been able to. 

The industry itself for massage therapy is a really great one to be in right now.

Especially in the position of being a new graduate or just a therapist in general. There is high demand for massage therapists everywhere!

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