Health Care Aide Challenge Graduate

Robertson College gave me the opportunity

and the honour to serve the people again, which I believe I was destined to do.

My husband invited me to come here. He said, "You'll do well in Canada. Why don't you join me?"

And so I did!  When I got out of the Richardson airport in a trench coat and spring boots… it was an unforgettable experience, winter wise!

The first job I landed was in the retail industry.

It wasn’t easy for us to transition from the Philippines where we had our stable jobs and home. We had a hard time honestly, finding jobs.

When I got invited to a health care industry event,

I told myself, “Oh I think it’s time for me to go back to my passion of giving care to people” I had a memorable stay in Robertson College because of the staff. They are so welcoming and they are very supportive. We were only 11 in our class, so that really contributed to the camaraderie!

I was really inspired to do my best,

especially when there are people behind you who are pushing you to do your best and helping you. I graduated from my nursing 8 years ago and graduated as a Health Care Aide 8 years after. I did obtain honours. I was like “Oh, the brain still working!”  A week after I graduated, I applied and I got the call right away. It was really an experience for me, to have finally realized your hard work, your effort and your sacrifices paying off. 

Robertson College gave me the opportunity and honour to serve the people again which I believe I was destined to do.

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