“The Robertson Workforce Team helped me find my work placement and ultimately my career.”

Mercy came to Robertson in 2018, eager to pursue a career as a community support worker. When she started class, her instructors emphasized how all learners will get lifelong career support from the Workforce Team.

She got started right away, building her resume and LinkedIn profile with guidance from the team. They reviewed Mercy’s work and helped her prepare for her interview with Turning Leaf, a non-profit organization that provides crisis treatment services. 

When it came time for her interview, she knocked it out of the park.

Turning Leaf gave Mercy the opportunity to complete her practicum at their organization, ensuring her work schedule accommodated her school schedule. When she graduated in 2019, Mercy continued her career with their team, officially becoming a support worker.

“When you work at a place that values their mission, you see it in the staff and everything you do. It gives you that sense of fulfillment that you’re in the right place.”

To Mercy, meaningful work means it fits into what you studied, it’s what you’re passionate about and it gives you the drive to keep going. 


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