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Our New Virtual Classroom

How Robertson students are connecting with their education online

We strive to offer our students an education that is as fulfilling as the career they’re about to enter. That’s why we’re grateful to be able to provide our campus students with a virtual classroom so they can continue to work toward a meaningful career without worrying about their health.

The virtual classroom allows students to continue their education on the regular class schedule, only they’ll be joining classmates online to partake in lectures and class discussions.

We use a platform called Brightspace to host Robertson Online and our virtual classroom. Brightspace connects us with our students and allows them to access everything they need in one place. It’s a space where students can interact with instructors and classmates, tune into lectures, access, and hand-in assignments and more.

Brightspace Resources

How does it differ from Robertson Online?

The Virtual Classroom

Structured Learning

With our virtual classrooms, students can chat with their classmates in online discussions and have access to the same supportive services as every Robertson student. The difference – students in our virtual classrooms have a class schedule and tune into lectures at the same time. 

Unlike Robertson Online, which students learn the materials more independently, a virtual classroom has a more structured learning experience.

Robertson Online

Flexible Learning

With Robertson Online, students have the freedom to study at their convenience, whether that’s at nine in the morning or at midnight. They stay on track with weekly assignments and chat with classmates through online discussions. They also have access to all of Robertson’s services including Student Service Advisors, Financial Advisors and the Career Services Team who is there to help students find fulfilling work at any point in their career.

Spring Start Dates

Our spring programs are starting on schedule. Campus students will be joining classmates in the virtual classroom instead of meeting on campus for the time being.

If you’re interested in applying to a program and have questions about the virtual classroom, or anything else, our Student Service Advisors are still available online to answer any questions you may have. If you’re interested in an upcoming program, apply now and work toward a meaningful career without worrying about your health.



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