Pharmacy Technician Program in Winnipeg

  • All faculty are currently in practice and therefore, are teaching based on today's standards/requirements. Our experience covers all areas of practice including Long Term Care, Community, and Hospital
  • Our teaching staff have a combined experience of over 90 years in the industry
  • We have two Licensed Pharmacists on our faculty. One is a Pharmacy Manager / Owner who teaches Pharmacology and the other is a Professor at the University of Manitoba who teaches Non-Sterile Compounding
  • Our program is affiliated with the College of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. This allows us to train our Pharmacy Technician students in Sterile Preparation and Dispensing using their state of the art pharmacy labs that are used to train students studying to become licensed pharmacists (~100 hours of training)
  • We have a Level 2 Laboratory on campus which allows our students to work in a simulated hospital environment
  • We have an integrated "Interprofessional Practice" component to be completed at the University of Manitoba with first and second-year pharmacy students, allowing for a better understanding of the roles of both an RPh and a PT
  • Our students graduate with a certificate of completion of a WRHA-approved "Aseptic Training Validation Program"
  • All faculty members are actively involved with numerous organizations and stakeholders including the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians and the Canadian Pharmacy Technician Educators Association. Our Faculty Head sits on council for the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba as a CAPT Liaison

At our college, we aim to:

  • Graduate students who are able to pursue a career in the rapidly growing field of Pharmacy Technicians
  • Provide a quality pharmacy technician program that aligns with the existing CPTEA Educational Outcomes and NAPRA Competencies for Pharmacy Technicians at Entry to Practice
  • Prepare graduates to successfully pass the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) Qualifying Examination
  • Prepare graduates to be employed in hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies, a healthcare care facilities that employ Pharmacy Technicians
  • Encourage graduates to recognize the need for continuing education and professional affiliation

"Interprofessional Practice" Initiative with the University of Manitoba

We offer all students an opportunity to gain experience working in a simulated community pharmacy environment with first and second-year University of Manitoba pharmacy students. This exercise provides our students with the opportunity to practice and develop skills that will be utilized in practicums and practice environments.  The goal is to incorporate what the students have learned in the classroom and to be able to apply that learning to real-life experiences in a community pharmacy.  To view the results of the interprofessional pilot project,click here.


Meet Our Faculty

Rose Dick
Sonal Purohit
Swsan Mohammed
Tammy Melnyk
Dennis Cote

Rose Dick, Instructor

Rose has worked as a technician for Rexall Specialty – Geri Aid Systems for 25 years and was trained on the job and then challenged the Pharmacy Technician program at Winnipeg Technical College graduating in 1995. She worked in the Long Term Care area of pharmacy which services 3300 personal care home beds in Winnipeg & rural areas of Manitoba. Today she continues her practice in a retail environment working with Canada Safeway. Her role as a technician includes setting up of personal care homes to Geri-Aid’s pharmacy services including training & instruction of nursing staff along with personal care homes audits to ensure Manitoba Health Long Term care standards are met. 

Rose joined Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians (CAPT) in 2000 and has worked as distribution coordinator for the Manitoba region for several years. In May of 2010, she accepted the position as the Manitoba Representative for the Regional Educational Outreach Committee of CAPT.

In October 2011, Rose successfully passed the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada’s Pharmacy Technician Evaluating Exam. She has also completed the NAPRA Bridging Programs (4 courses). In September 2015, Rose successfully passed the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada's Pharmacy Technician Qualifying Exam. She is the Secretary for the Board of CPTEA (Canadian Pharmacy Technician Educators Association).

Sonal Purohit (BSc Pharm), Instructor

Sonal is the successful and innovative Pharmacist / Owner of a Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy franchise. She has over eleven years of experience as a Pharmacist and nine years as an in-store educator to Pharmacists, Pharmacist/Owners, and Pharmacy Technicians.

Sonal gained successful experience as an Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Manitoba gaining practical teaching experience. She is reputed as a patient and effective Preceptor to Faculty of Pharmacy students with a proven ability to thoroughly prepare students for community pharmacy careers. She has expertise in developing and delivering a multitude of educational programs to pharmacists, pharmacy students and the general public in varied forums. She is skilled in customizing lessons to fit the educational needs of diverse audiences including clinical presentations for industry professionals and students.

Sonal is the MPHA Pharmacist Representative on the Extended Practice Advisory Committee for Nurse Practitioners with CRNM for the past two years and functioned as an Invigilator over the past 6 years for the OSCE Licensing Examination through The Pharmaceutical Board of Canada. She also sits on the Council for the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba.

Swsan Mohammed (MD), Instructor

Swsan holds a Bachelor Degree in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine at the Baghdad University in Baghdad, Iraq. From December 1988 to December 1998, Swsan was a practicing physician in many hospitals, clinics and medical centers in Iraq. From January 1999 to June 2010, Swsan practiced medicine in Libya.

Swsan has more than nine years of teaching experience. While working as a physician in Libya and Iraq, Swsan taught and trained new nurses and medical staff.

Most recently, Swsan worked as a Medical Laboratory Technician at Gamma Dynacare in Winnipeg from September 2012 to July 2014.

Tammy Melnyk, Instructor

Tammy graduated from the Pharmacy Technician program at the South Winnipeg Technical College in 1999. She began her career as a Pharmacy Technician with the WRHA at the Victoria General Hospital. Over a decade later, she transitioned into Community practice with Shoppers Drug Mart.

Today, Tammy continues to specialize in Pharmacy Inventory Management with Grand Medicine Health Services in addition to teaching at Robertson College.  She is certified by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority as a trainer and assessor for Aseptic Technique.

Tammy continues to further her education and is enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician Bridging program with plans to write the National Exams to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

Dennis Cote (BSc Pharm), Instructor

Dennis is a pharmacist who graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba. He also has a master’s degree in pharmaceutical microbiology and a doctorate in pharmaceutics/biopharmaceutics.

Dennis practiced as a community pharmacist at Jack Andrew’s Pharmacy in St James and later as a pharmacist at St Boniface Hospital where he was the coordinator for sterile compounding in the department of pharmacy. When the St Boniface Hospital Research Center opened he relocated and established a research lab in the Centre and during his time there, he did contract research in collaboration with industry and government.

He has a personal interest in pharmaceutical compounding so he also did compounding in support of veterinary clinics across the country and in support of the regional human hospitals in Manitoba. He was able to tie some of these activities to his research program.

Currently Dennis is an instructor at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the U of M where he teaches pharmaceutics and sterile products. He recently has become involved in teaching an introductory set of compounding labs for Pharmacy Technicians.

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