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Education tailored to our new workforce culture.

Online learning for the next generation of leaders.

Thriving at new work requires new ways of learning and thinking. With our workforce shifting to a digital landscape, students need the proper training to succeed in any environment, whether it’s remote or a traditional office. The need for agility, adaptability and flexibility have become increasingly more important in our dynamic world and constantly changing workforce. We know this, which is why Robertson Online offers flexible courses that hold you accountable to your success while giving you the freedom to live your life while you study.

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Online learning driven by you

With Robertson Online, you have the flexibility to decide when and where you study. There are no set class times, so students have the ability to adapt their study schedule and learn when it’s best for them. We’ll ensure you stay on track through weekly assignments and quizzes, so you never fall behind. Whether you want to start your career, build on your current skills or change careers, our online programs hold you accountable and ensure your success while giving you the flexibility you need.

Online learning where you’re never alone

When you learn online, you’ll have instructor and peer support available the moment you need it. Our online learning platform Brightspace allows our students to collaborate virtually with instructors and peers to discuss course materials or simply chat if you’re looking for connection. You’ll also have the same student supports as our on-campus learners.

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Online learning with an 88 per cent hiring rate

Our online programs get students career-ready fast so they can immediately start working in their industry. Our programs are up-to-date with industry trends and lead by experienced instructors ready to help you whenever you need it. At Robertson, our goal is to ensure you leave school truly prepared to hit the ground running in your career.