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Health Care Aide Certificate Program Edmonton

Provide care to those who need it most as a Health Care Aide.

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The demand for Health Care Aides and Health Care providers is strong throughout Canada due to aging and population growth. Health Care Aides provide important assistance to a wide variety of patients including the elderly, injured or disabled persons who require support and care.  Health Care Aides work in hospitals, supportive care facilities, and assisted living housing facilities.

Program Overview

Our Health Care Aide program is a comprehensive program that combines theory and practical training to equip you for every aspect of the job. As part of the program, you will:

  • Learn about Palliative Care and how to assist clients with medication, providing client care and comfort, how to care for diverse clients and much more
  • Attain your CPR/First Aid and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Certification
  • Learn from experienced industry instructors who years of experience working in the Health Care industry
  • Participate in a 4-week practicum at the end of your program to gain real work experience before transitioning into your career

If you are an experienced Health Care professional or foreign-trained nurse who is interested in seeking certification, you may qualify for our Health Care Aide Challenge program.

Topics of Study

Working as a Health Care Aide - 45 hours

Introduces students to individual health practices; the importance of promoting client wellness and independence; and the recognition of culture, religion, health beliefs and personality on an individual’s response to changes and challenges.

Assisting with Medication Administration - 16 hours

Provides students with the knowledge and skills required to assist with safe medication delivery within the role of the HCA. Students learn to demonstrate best practice principles when assisting with medication delivery.

Assist with Medication Delivery - 18 hours

Assists students to work safely within the legal roles and responsibilities of health care aides in this province. Assisting with medication delivery is a challenging and highly responsible task. The theory and labs of this course allow students to undertake this task with competence and confidence.

Basic Personal Finances - 4 hours

Provides students with basic money management skills and awareness to help take control of their financial well-being.

Career Preparation - 20 hours

Develops the skills needed to effectively search for industry-related employment, such as preparing a resume, LinkedIn account and cover letter as well as developing interviewing skills.

Communication in the Health Care Environment - 30 hours

Explores the responsibilities of a health care aide when it comes to professional communication as a member of the healthcare team. The healthcare environment requires competent verbal, written and electronic communication skills. This course also focuses on documentation in client records and report completion; problem-solving strategies; and handling conflict successfully.

Introduction to Computers - 40 hours

Introduces students to the use of a Windows-based operating system and related useful applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, the Internet and Email. Students organize related files and folders, produce professional looking documents, send and manage email and use the Internet to research information.

Food Safety - 4 hours

Provides food safety information to students for when they are preparing food for others.

Meeting Complex Care Needs - 41 hours

Introduces students to advanced skills for health care aides, such as ostomy care, respiratory care, catheter care and tube feeds. Skills taught in this course are based on the legal roles and responsibilities of the health care aide in the province of Alberta at this time.

Non-Violent Crisis Prevention - 8 hours

Explores behavior management practices to help students care for assaultive, disruptive or out-of-control person during a violent moment.

Providing Client Care and Comfort - 63 hours

Develops the basic care skills to provide personal grooming and hygiene care to clients in an intimate and highly personal experience. During the theory and lab elements of this course, students learn to approach care in a professional and compassionate manner.

Special Activities for Diverse Clients - 49 hours

Discusses strategies for assisting diverse client groups, such as clients with a mental health diagnosis and clients with developmental delays and physical disabilities.

Standard First Aid CPR Level C - 16 hours

Offers Level C, CPR and basic First Aid.

Structure and Function of the Human Body - Health and Chronic Illness - 39 hours

Studies the 12 systems of the human body and the milestones of growth and development across a lifetime to ensure students can work with patients across various age groups.

"It’s Your Move" - 4 hours

Provides safe handling of clients and healthcare workers. This course is designed for safety in the work environment, proper use of equipment, various tasks for the worker.

Kim Preston

Jennifer Foss

My Name is Kimberly Preston, I have been working as an LPN for 14 years,I been with Robertson College for 4.5 years now, instructing HCA and working with our HCA Challenge Program, prior to that I worked at the Metabolic & Rheumatology Clinics for a about a year and 11.5 years in Acute Care/Medicine at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.I have been an Officer & Volunteer with the Navy league of Canada for 18 years working with Kids ages 9-13, and Instructing new adult volunteers who join our program. I love what I am doing, I enjoy passing on my knowledge to new students.  
Kim Preston

Jennifer Foss is a licensed practical nurse.  She brings 8 years of nursing experience in many different fields. Her years of nursing have been in rural hospitals, long term care, surgery units, Stollery Children’s and the operating room. Jennifer has just started teaching but brings a great diversity of knowledge and experience. 

Jennifer Foss

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