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Program Overview

Global supply chain activities are projected to continue their rapid growth. As a result, there are more opportunities than ever before for professionals who are trained for effective logistics and supply chain management.

In this program, you will be prepared to:

  • Understand the key components of supply management including demand forecasting, inventory management, resource planning, lean thinking, and Six Sigma management philosophies
  • Gain an overview of Canadian business and learn the fundamentals of the Canadian economic system including understanding supply and demand, elasticity, and monopoly
  • Be introduced to the many dimensions of business logistics with an emphasis on physical distribution and transportation of raw materials, inputs, and finished products
  • Understand the operations and structure of different modes of transportation including rail, water, air and highway
  • Gain an understanding of operations management and how to carry out the transformation of resources into products and services efficiently
  • Learn purchasing fundamentals with an emphasis on strategic cost management in the face of the recent economic recession
  • Learn project management principles from planning to execution of projects, the roles of the project team and project manager as well as the use of IT systems in project management

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Program Details

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Admission Requirements

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This program has been approved for advanced standing towards the attainment of the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation with Supply Chain Canada.

Manitoba Trucking Association Robertson College is also a proud member of the Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA)



Career Opportunities

Graduates will find employment with companies involved in sourcing materials, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution or transportation of goods.

  • Procurement Clerk
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Purchasing Clerk
  • Inventory Clerk
  • Merchandise Control Clerk
  • Shipper and Receiver
  • Transportation Route Scheduler
  • Export Clerk
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Retail / Wholesale Buyer
  • Buyer


You could be earning in less than a year

Lifetime Career Services

Even though you’ll leave Robertson once you graduate, we will support you throughout your career. Our team will help you with resume building, job hunting and interview preparation and will continue to guide you as you advance in your role.

Before you graduate, you’ll be paired with a career specialist in your field who will help you find a meaningful place to start your career. As a graduate, you’ll have lifelong access to student services that are committed to your success and helping you thrive.

Learn more about Lifetime Career Services.

Next Start Dates

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Topics of Study

Administrative Office Procedures - 20 hours

Introduces students to common office procedures, such as human relations; organization structure and office layout; office technology; front-line reception; aspects of business communication specific to the office professional and record keeping.

MS Office Applications - 80 hours

Prepares students to perform functions common to all Microsoft Windows applications, including the ability to create and manipulate Word, Excel, or PowerPoint applications, modify the display of toolbars and other on-screen elements, use online help, and perform file management, editing, formatting and printing functions common to most Windows applications.

Keyboarding - 20 hours

Improves touch typing skills on a keyboard with a focus on improving speed and accuracy. This course increases job efficiency and and understanding of work station ergonomics.

Business Communications - 60 hours

Reviews of the essential skills for basic business writing and professional interaction. This course also emphasizes the role technology plays in the workplace to enhance communication.

Career Preparation - 40 Hours

In this course, students will be introduced to strategies for successful job searching, interviewing, and career management. Students understand who they are, the skills they offer, what to expect from professional employment, and what employers expect of them. 

Customer Service - 20 hours

Provides a foundation for customer service, and focuses on building lifelong customer relationships through the development of positive customer care approaches.

Contracts & Negotiation - 40 hours

Presents an outline of the elements of contracts and the methodology used to negotiate this essential business tool. In addition, it helps position this vital set of tools within the supply chain continuum. Students also learn how to distinguish between different types of contracts and application of different relevant strategies to achieve set business goals.

Logistics & Transportation Management - 80 hours

Introduces students to the fundamentals of transportation; physical distribution of goods through different modes of transportation, logistics planning and execution, pricing and cost decisions, regulations, public policy and future trends.

Demand Forecasting & Inventory Management - 80 hours

Introduces students to the principles, processes and methods for the effective demand and inventory in relation to other activities in the supply chain. The course examines independent and dependent demand methods.

Warehousing - 60 hours

Provides students with warehousing principles, receiving and picking processes as well as storage and handling process/equipment. Students are exposed to key warehousing concepts and learn to effectively and safely manage a warehouse.

Economics - 40 hours

Introduces students to the basic principles of economics with both a Canadian-specific and global focus.

Business Mathematics - 40 hours

Covers the fundamentals of business mathematics, starting with a review of the basic arithmetic principles. Further topics include calculating interest and determining retail pricing and profitability.

Introduction to Human Resources - 20 hours

Provides a general overview of the human resource functions that assist an organization to deliver value through proper management of the employee life cycle

Operations Management - 80 hours

Introduces students to key operations and supply chain issues. Exposes students to decisions made using a cross-functional approach in five major decision areas; process, quality, capacity, inventory and supply chain.

Project Management - 80 hours

Prepares students with the knowledge and tools to manage and execute projects efficiently and successfully.

Purchasing & Supply Chain Management - 80 hours

Introduces students to the essentials of purchasing, procurement operations operations and structure as well as strategic sourcing, performance measurement, global procurement and future trends.

Small Business Management - 40 hours

Introduces students to each aspect of starting and managing a small business, such as basic operating principles and entrepreneurial approaches. Covers development, analyzing trends, acquiring financial resources, organizational structure and business plan development, techniques for enhancing profitability and direction for managing people.

Campus Experience

Virtual Classroom

Have the flexibility to live your life while learning remotely in our Virtual Classroom. Our flexible start dates, small class sizes and online learning tool Brightspace will help you stay on track with your assignments and connect with your peers and instructors.

Industry-Leading Instructors
Learn from industry professionals who bring real-life experience into the classroom. You can book office hours or get virtual support from your instructors through Brightspace, where you can schedule video appointments and use instant messenger to ask questions.

Lifelong Career Services
Connect with a career specialist in your field who will help you find a meaningful place to start your career. As a graduate, you’ll have lifelong access to student services that will help you with resume building, interview preparation and networking.

Financial Assistance and Funding

Robertson offers a variety of financial aid opportunities to ease students’ stress and allow them to focus on their studies. If you need extra support, we have flexible funding to accommodate all our students, no matter their financial situation. Our dedicated Financial Aid Officers will help you every step of the way.

*The financial assistance and funding is not applicable for international students.

Questions about tuition and funding?

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The practicum is an essential part of a learner’s program. It is both a graduation requirement and an extension of in-class learning. The practicum asks you to apply the skills, theories, and concepts that you learned in your classes in an entry-level work experience situation. 

Practicum must begin and end within the dates outlined in your program schedule and enrollment contract. Practicum is a full-time, unpaid commitment, and is jointly-procured (where you work directly with our WorkForce team to obtain a training-related placement).  Your active participation with our Workforce Team in the search for your practicum placement will enhance your career development skills, industry networking opportunities, and professional communication skills.

What Our Students Have to Say

“Your college and the vibrant instructors groomed me for a new career in Logistics & Supply Chain.  I was an Administrator back in my home country of Nigeria. I have already been hired after graduation by Calm Air.  Once again, thank you and keep up the great work!”

– Koya F., Logistics & Supply Chain Management Graduate (2016)

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This program is offered at multiple Robertson College campus locations and via Robertson Online. Select a campus below to view campus specific information, like schedule information and enrolment dates.

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