The Small Business Management diploma program at Robertson College prepares graduates to work in the business sector either with an established local business, a new business venture or a franchise.  You will be introduced to a comprehensive suite of topics to ensure you have the working knowledge of the business world from multiple perspectives.  You will also be introduced to concepts of entrepreneurship and franchising preparing them specifically for the world of small business. 

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Program Highlights

As part of the Small Business Management diploma program, you will:

  • Gain a broad overview of the business and commerce which will enable you to work in a variety of business settings as well as provide the foundation for starting up on your own business
  • Understand aspects of starting and managing a small business enterprise
  • Gain an understanding of management and strategic entrepreneurship
  • Explore the unique requirements of franchising and understand the franchisor-franchisee relationship
  • Learn marketing principles and how to prepare a successful business plan
program duration45 Weeks
  • Learn from experienced industry instructors and benefit from their real-world insight
  • Gain access to our extensive employer network in Calgary
  • Lifetime career services and graduate employment services available to help you find employment
  • Financial assistance may be available to students who qualify

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