“My name is Golda. I am a mother. I am a wife, and I am a Robertson graduate.”

Golda always wanted to work in healthcare. Before coming to Robertson, she worked in massage therapy and the pharmaceutical system but felt she was destined for more. Prior to enrolling at Robertson, Golda always envisioned herself working at the Health Sciences Centre. 

“My experience with Robertson was memorable, fun and very very eye-opening.”

Initially, Golda didn’t realize she was capable of going back to school. As a mom, she wasn’t sure she could fit learning into her life but Robertson made it possible. The flexibility Roberton offered enabled her to study full time, all while continuing to fulfill her duties as a mom. Many of her classmates were also parents which is something they bonded over.

“Robertson College was very flexible, especially with the fact that I had a family to take care of.”

In 2014, Golda graduated from the Nursing Assistant program and got a job at the Health Sciences Centre a short month later. To this day, she works on the ambulatory care relief team as the liaison between doctors, nurses and specialists and their patients. 

Golda playing scribble with her family

Robertson helped Golda build her resume and prepare for the job search. But the most important thing for her was knowing her potential. She discovered leadership qualities she didn’t know she had and she left feeling confident in herself and her career. Golda has truly found her version of meaningful work and she loves her job to this day. 

“I’ve enjoyed every single year of it. So I chose the right program and Robertson helped with that.”

Golda portrait

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