“Robertson College gave me the ability to make my dreams come true.”

Tanisha’s passion for animals and the veterinary profession was inspired by her dad. When she was young, she always had her nose in the vet medicine books her dad bought for her.  

After her dad passed away, decided to pursue Robertson’s Veterinary Assistant program in his honour.

When Tanisha started her online classes, one instructor stood out from the rest – and that was Laura. She was extremely understanding and supportive of mental health and took the time to personally talk to Tanisha and her classmates when she saw they were struggling. 

“I found all the instructors were very empathetic towards all of the student’s mental health issues which I really really appreciated.” 

At first, Tanisha had her reservations about online learning, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. She loved getting to study when it worked best for her. Over time, she felt more independent, more motivated and learned how to manage her time well. Despite having to adapt to a whole new way of learning, Tanisha says Robertson made it their priority to make everyone feel like nothing was different. 

In 2021, Tanisha officially graduated from her program with honours and she now works at Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Centre at the front reception. While she loves helping other people’s pets in a more administrative capacity, her long-term goal is to become a fully trained veterinarian in the next 10 years. 

“I love what I’m doing and I can’t wait to continue my journey here in the veterinary industry.” 

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