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Financial Assistance

Funding for every student

School is a big investment—we’re here to help

Getting a post-secondary education is a significant milestone in your life and one of the largest investments you can make in yourself. We put together some valuable resources to help you find the right funding option so you can get hands-on training without the financial stress.

Program Costs

Our rates are competitive with other private career colleges in-market and our programs are designed with hands-on training from industry experts to truly prepare you for a meaningful career. Tuition prices differ across programs as each one follows a unique structure designed to meet industry standards.

Student Loans

There are Canadian Federal and Provincial student loans available to students who qualify and Robertson College’s financial advisors can help you determine the best option for you. These loans aren’t offered directly through our campus but we can ensure you know the correct options based on where you live.  

The loan amount you’ll receive depends on many factors including your province or territory, income, dependants (if any), tuition fees, living expenses and if you have a disability.

Each province will also have different loan repayment terms so make sure to check out the specifics for your campus/province (our Student Financial Administrators are always available to support you too)! Get your contact, academic and banking information ready before you start your application.

Third-Party Grants & Financing

Depending on your program and specific financial need, there are a variety of financing options available to help you pursue a meaningful career

Student line of credit

This financing option is very similar to a student loan except it’s granted by a bank and it takes your credit score into account (the better your credit, the more credit you’ll likely be approved for). A line of credit gives you the flexibility to use the funds towards a variety of education-related expenses, up to a set limit. Plus you only have to pay back the money you borrow! One thing to note is you’ll start owing interest on your student line of credit once you start using it. Specific borrowing terms will differ based on financial institution so check with your bank for their requirements.


An education grant is a financial amount gifted to an individual to help fund their education. Grants are great because you’re not required to pay back the funds. The Government of Canada offers various grants for Canadian students and you can apply online with one easy application. The amount you’ll be awarded will depend on your place of residence, family income, if you have dependents, your tuition fees and living expenses as well as if you have a disability. You also might be eligible for more than one type of grant — your province will assess your eligibility when you apply.

Band funding

If you are a status First Nations post-secondary student in good academic standing, you may be eligible for funding through Aboriginal bands or organizations. This funding may cover the costs for tuition, books, transportation or living expenses. Contact your band office directly to see if you’re eligible or contact our Student Financial Administrators for application support.

Payment Schedules

If your funding is through a student loan, line of credit, band funding or grant, we will work with the external organization providing the funds to determine your payment schedule. Payment schedules will differ based on each learner’s situation and type of loan. 

If you’re self-funding your tuition, one of our Student Financial Administrators will walk you through the tuition breakdown and set up a manageable payment schedule. This is a collaborative process between the learner and advisor.

Student Financial Administrator Support

You’ve selected your program and your contract is signed—now what? 

Someone from our team of Student Financial Advisors will send you an email to set up an initial meeting to discuss your payment plan. This first meeting will be 15 to 30 minutes and will give you a chance to discuss how you plan to pay for your education and your funding options. You can meet over the phone or in person. 

Before your meeting, you should prepare the following information:

  • Your SIN and your spouse’s SIN (if applicable) 
  • Date you graduated high school
  • Emergency contact person and their information
  • Your tax information and your spouse’s tax information (if applicable)
  • Banking information (void cheque) 
  • Your children’s full names and birth dates (if applicable)

Once you’ve had your initial meeting, you can have a follow-up if you need support applying for specific loans. Our team is ready with all hands on deck to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible for you! We will discuss funding options like banks, band funding, grants and more and once you’re ready, we can help set up your payment schedule. 

If you haven’t signed a contract but have questions, you can always contact our Student Admissions Advisors.

Program Withdrawal

We understand life happens and sometimes you may not be able to attend your program at the time it starts—if that happens you can fill out a withdrawal request form. There are some situations where you’ll still be able to get your money back if you are unable to attend: 

  • If you opt out within the first five days (week) of study, you will get a full refund. 
  • If your loan is declined within the first 30 days of your program and you can no longer afford it, we can back you out of your program and you should get a percentage of your tuition back. *Depends on financial circumstances.
  • If you choose to withdraw before completing 10% of your program, you will likely be refunded if your funding is from Student Aid. 
  • You may leave without penalty if you agree to a Financial Conditional Agreement. This is for learners waiting on funding approval who have not had confirmation prior to their start date. If they end up being denied funding within the first 90 days, they are withdrawn at no cost.

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