“Robertson gave me a second chance at life.”

Before coming to Robertson, Gale felt lost and didn’t exactly know what career path she wanted to pursue. There was only one thing she was certain of: she wanted a new career in one year or less and it had to include a practicum.

Gale working at home wearing earphones

“I wanted to go back to school because of a new career, a new beginning.”

Gale took the Network Security Technician program because of her interest in troubleshooting, a skill she was able to hone in on. She was able to study online which gave her the flexibility to maintain her existing job.

Gale wearing sunglasses walking under the sun

“Robertson helped me greatly to flourish because of the faculty itself wanting to make sure I’m succeeding.”

The Workforce Team was particularly impactful in Gale’s education journey. Resume writing was difficult for her but the team helped her write her resume, practice her interview skills and start looking for jobs. In 2021, Gale graduated from the Network Security Technician program. When she got hired as a Network Security Specialist it was a big weight off her shoulders. 

“I feel really happy. Before, in the other jobs I had, I couldn’t wait till Friday… but with this job, I can’t wait till Monday.”

To Gale, meaningful work is when you’re happy to wake up in the morning, get online and work. It’s when people actually appreciate your job and appreciate you.

Gale smiling toward the camera under the sun

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