I did a Bachelor in Commerce and a Masters in Business Administration

but when I came to Canada, my degrees were not assessed right away. I needed a Canadian education that would help me re-establish my career in Canada and allow me to keep pursuing the career and life I want for myself and my family.

I love Canada but I miss my friends and family in India

Life in India was pretty awesome.  I worked at an international financial institution. My uncle, who lived in Canada, saw my potential and suggested I come to Canada. My family is still living in India but there is much that I like about my new country.

My father always taught me that to achieve some things in life,

you need to leave certain things aside or you need to control your emotions. For me, to achieve something more in my life, that meant I had to leave my family back home. What I can do good for them is that I can put my heart and soul into my job or into my education so that I can bring them here.

"When I landed in Canada,

I thought I could get my education assessed. When the assessment took longer than I expected, I wanted to learn about Canadian accounting processes, so I joined Robertson College.”

I met my wife and life was really good.

I got a job instantly after graduation and now I can have a good life with my wife.

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