Health Care Aide Challenge Graduate

When I first came to Canada

I couldn’t be a nurse again right away. Through Robertson College, I was able to work in health care again. Now, I am able to travel and see the world and still be able to support my family back home.

When I came to Canada...

it was the first time I rode in an airplane. When I deplaned, it was wintertime and the wind breezed through me. I thought, “Wow! I stepped into a freezer!

My mom wanted me to go into nursing and I eventually fell in love with my profession when I realized I could help a lot of people.

When I was finally employed and I could get my salary, that gave me a lot of freedom and independence. After coming to Canada by myself, I had to restart from scratch. I was nobody and my pride was crushed.

Robertson College helped me work in the healthcare field again and one day, I will work in nursing again.

If I never moved here, I would still be the same person I was before. I can sponsor my family to come in any time now.  I love my family so much and I would love to be reunited with them again.

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