How do students transfer tuition credits to parents?

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Tuition tax credits are extremely helpful to students who are attending school and working, but did you know that you can also transfer tuition to parents? If you aren’t working and the credit won’t be able to help you save on taxes, this benefit can go to your parents instead. 

We’ll tell you:

  • Who you can transfer credits to
  • How to transfer credits
  • Who can claim tuition tax credits
  • How to know if you have any unused credits 
  • And more!

That way you can be more knowledgeable about tuition tax credits and everything that encompasses them!

CRA Tuition Transfer – Can Students Transfer Tuition Credits to Parents?

If there are any remaining credits that a student has, it can be transferred to your parents or another individual. Only one other person can claim this transfer. Other individuals you can transfer the remainder to, if you choose not to transfer to your parent are:

  • Your spouse or common-law partner
  • Your grandparent

If you are transferring credits to another individual, make sure that you only transfer the amount that they will be able to use, that way you can carry the rest forward for yourself in future years. 

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Line 32400 CRA – How to Transfer Tuition Credit to a Parent

Line 32400, previously line 324, is the important line to remember to fill out if you are going to be transferring tuition tax credits to your parents. As a student, you would need to complete the transfer section of the tax certificate and then provide a copy of this to whoever you are giving the transfer to. The amount that is on that certificate needs to be entered on line 32400 of your parent’s tax return. 

If you’re giving the tax credit to your grandparent instead of your parent, the same rules apply. You must use line 32400 when transferring to a parent or grandparent. 

Can I Claim Tuition on my Taxes if My Parents Paid?

Yes, you’re allowed to claim the tuition tax credit if your parents paid your tuition. The times you can’t claim the tax credit are when:

  • Your employer paid or reimbursed your tuition
  • Your parent’s employer paid or reimbursed your tuition

How Do You Know if You Have Unused Tuition Credits?

If you want to find your unused tuition you can do it through CRA My Account. You have to click “Go to Tax Returns” in the tax returns section and scroll fown to the Carryover amounts section where you can click the “View carryover amounts link. After scrolling down you will find the tables for “Federal Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts” and the “Provincial Tuition, Education and Textbook Amounts.” 

If you have any unused amounts they will be there in the first column. If you don’t have a CRA My Account you can also find this information on your Notice of Assessment.

Can I Claim my Child’s Tuition on My Taxes in Canada? 

Can I Claim My Child’s Education Expenses on My Taxes?

No, you can’t claim your child’s tuition taxes in Canada. They must claim them on their own taxes and then transfer the unused amount to you. That is the only way a parent can claim tuition tax credits.

How Much Tuition Tax Can Be Transferred to a Parent in Ontario?

You can transfer a maximum of $5,000 of the current year’s federal tuition amount and the applicable provincial maximum. 

Can I Claim Tuition Fees From Previous Years?

You can carry forward your tuition fees from previous years and apply them to your current taxes. If you forgot to claim your tuition fees in a previous year, you will need to amend your previous return to claim the credit in that year that you paid them to claim it. Then any additional amounts you will also be able to carry forward.

Can I Claim my Laptop as an Education Expense?

You may be able to claim your laptop as an educational expense if it is deemed necessary for you to be enrolled or attend class. If it seems that the computer is used more for convenience purposes rather than necessary purposes then you likely will not receive a tax credit for it. 

Tuition Transfer to Parent, Federal or Provincial?

If you are transferring your tuition credit to your parent, you will be transferring them an amount that they can claim according to the federal guidelines as well as provincial. They will be able to claim for both the federal and provincial taxes after you transfer the tuition tax credit to them. 

Study at Robertson College and Receive the Tuition Tax Credit

If you are considering going to school and want to ensure that you will receive the tuition tax credit, you must attend a program at a designated educational institution. Robertson College is one of many schools that qualify for the tuition tax credit. 

The great thing about studying at Robertson is that you will only need to designate a short amount of time to complete whichever program you choose before you will be prepared to enter your career. Most of Robertson’s programs are less than a year in duration so you’ll get to learn quickly and efficiently before you’re able to get a job in whatever field you choose to study. 

Robertson offers a wide variety of programs according to different categories including:

Whatever program you choose, you will receive a quality education that is tailored to your needs. We understand that everyone comes from different life situations and that shouldn’t impact studying to get your career started. 

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