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What Jobs Can You Get With a Business Administration Diploma?

School of Business September 12, 2019

Whether you are just starting out, or looking to improve your business administration skills, studying to receive your business administration diploma is a great choice. But, how come? Why a business administration diploma? Well, it’s because with a business administration diploma, there are endless career paths you can take upon graduation. business administration programs prepare you for a variety of entry-level positions in the business sector, including marketing and sales, financial services, human resources, or management. Cool, right? Keep reading to learn specific jobs— including their duties—you can get with a business administration diploma. We’ll also dive into specific things you can do to set yourself up to be competitive in the job market.


What is Business Administration?

Before we dive in to the many career paths you can take with a business administration diploma, let’s run through a quick overview of what a business administration diploma program is. No matter where you are or where you choose to study, business administration diploma programs will typically cover the same curriculum. Like mentioned above, business admin programs prepare you for a variety of jobs in the business sector. You’ll learn all the essential business fundamentals that are relevant in today’s workplace.

Below is a list of the scope of what you can learn in just under one year if you choose to take the Business Administration Diploma Program at Robertson’s School of Business.

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of Canadian Business and learn the fundamentals of the Canadian economic system
  • Learn the fundamentals of marketing, sales, human resources, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and accounting
  • Gain an understanding of the legal system in Canada as it relates to business and commerce
  • Be prepared to communicate effectively in the business setting with emphasis placed on professional written and verbal communication
  • Experienced business instructors provide practical skill-building and mentorship to students as they work towards their career goals
  • Be trained in office procedures and business communications, learning to use business tools such as Microsoft Office


Careers in Business Administration

If everything mentioned above wasn’t enough to spark your interest, maybe the following list of career options will do it. When it comes to jobs in the business field, there are plenty of routes to choose from. Continue reading to explore some of the jobs you can get with a business administration diploma.


Business Development Associate

The main role of a business development associate is to gain sales by contacting and building relationships with new and existing clients. They work with many different people within a business like marketing, sales, and production associates to create and implement business strategies to increase sales.


Marketing Associate 

With a business administration diploma, there are many careers you can get within marketing – one of them being a marketing associate. Marketing associates help with planning and executing marketing activities. It’s an entry-level job that supports the marketing department by doing daily tasks to keep the department functioning. 


Account Manager

An account manager is part salesperson and part customer service rep. You can work as an account manager in many different types of businesses, but most known in an advertising or marketing agency. As an account manager, your role is basically doing everything it takes to get everything done. You are the liaison between the agency you are working for and your clients. You oversee the agency-client relationship, understand their needs, and make sure the agency delivers.


Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are the right-hand person of the office. They are typically the ones sitting at the front of the office or business desk right when clients or customers walk in. Some of their responsibilities include answering email and phone inquiries, maintaining digital and paper records, booking meetings and seminars, taking meeting minutes, and more. If you are organized, efficient, and enjoy working with others, consider a career as an administrative assistant.


Financial Administrator 

Financial administrators are responsible for maintaining transaction records, preparing monthly and quarterly financial reports and processing reimbursements. If you are interested in finance and bookkeeping, this is a great stream of business to enter.


Human Resources Coordinator

A Human Resources Coordinator is someone who helps with the administrative duties for the HR department of an organization. They assist the human resources managers with recruitment, maintain employee records, assistant with payroll and provide support to current employees.


Sales Representative 

As a sales representative, your role is to sell a product or service your company provides. A sales representative is not to be confused with a sales associate. As a sales representative, you typically work for a B2B (business to business) company, meaning you are looking for potential new clients or buyers.


Want more cool career ideas? We list 5 careers in Business Administration in this video:



How much can a Business Administration Diploma Graduate Earn? 

With more and more businesses on the rise, it’s clear that business administration jobs will be present in the job search. Typically, business administration professionals are paid well in Canada. Of course, salary depends on many factors such as the role, experience, province, type of business, and much more. With that aside, according to Job Bank from the Government of Canada, with a Business Administration Diploma, you could earn between $29,120 to $43,680.


How to be Competitive in the Job Market

Earning yourself a business administration diploma is the first step to become competitive in the job market. You’re already above many of the job applicants! Some other ways to be competitive in the job market is by specializing after your diploma and getting work experience. Many colleges offer specific business programs for Human Resources, Marketing, or Bookkeeping, for example. This could be in the form of another diploma, degree, or a certificate. It all depends on the type of business field you choose to enter.

The other way to put yourself ahead in the job market is by gaining work experience. You can do this by interning or taking part in work placements. Most college programs will offer some sort of work practicum where you work alongside professionals in the field. This is a great way to know what you like, and to also network with business professionals.

While specializing in a type of business is not necessary, writing a great cover letter and resume is. When starting the job search, it is so important to have a crisp and well-written resume and cover letter. Both the cover letter and resume should be tailored to each position you are applying for.  


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