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Business Administration — Human Resource Coordinator Diploma Program

Students in this program are prepared for a role in assisting a team or professional in carrying out duties and tasks within the realm of human resources.

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Program Overview

Human resources plays an integral role in ensuring workplace culture is healthy and organizations have what they need to maintain and grow a strong, effective team. With the Business Administration – Human Resource Coordinator Diploma Program, you’ll gain the skills you need to build a career working at the core of organizations.

  • Gain an understanding of current industry research and applications
  • Develop professional business skills necessary to communicate in a dynamic workplace
  • Gain an understanding of the behaviour of people within organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness
  • Learn how to build organizational strategies to attract and retain employees

Program Delivery

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Program Details

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Admission Requirements

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Next Start Dates

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Topics of Study

Administrative Office Procedures - 20 Hours

Introduces students to common office procedures. Covers topics such as human relations; organization structure and office layout; office technology; front-line reception; aspects of business communication specific to the office professional and record keeping.

Business Communications - 60 Hours

Develops professional business skills necessary to communicate in a dynamic workplace. This course also emphasizes the role technology plays in communication and the best practices for using technology in the workplace.

Customer Service - 20 Hours

Provides a foundation for customer service, and focuses on building lifelong customer relationships through the development of positive customer care approaches.

Practical Applications in Human Resources - 20 Hours

Explores and analyzes a range of current industry case studies. Students are given an opportunity to research and provide comprehensive analysis and solutions that demonstrates their understanding of best practice in the field of human resources.

Introduction to Business - 40 Hours

Introduces students to a broad overview of the world of business. Students consider how various external factors such as government and social trends affect business. Students consider the role of economics, information technology, management, organization styles, global trends, finance, human resources and production play in Canadian business.

Organizational Behavior - 80 Hours

Investigates the behavior of people within organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness. Behaviours studied include individuals, individuals within a group and inter-group behavior.

Change Management - 40 Hours

Provides students social management skills to guide employees through a transition period and effectively manage change within an organization.

Recruitment & Selection - 40 Hours

Explores the goals, strategies and tools for a successful recruitment and selection process.

Employment Legislation - 20 Hours

Examines the federal and provincial laws that regulate the workplace and best practices to ensure that employment standards and guidelines are established.

Compensation & Benefits - 40 Hours

Provides an understanding of the management of compensation and benefits as part of an organizational strategy to attract and retain employees.

Occupational Health & Safety - 40 Hours

Introduces students to strategies adopted by both employees and organizations to ensure a safe and hazard-free workplace.

Labour Relations - 40 Hours

Reviews the labour relations processes and laws and their implications for the workplace.

Employee Learning & Development - 40 Hours

Introduces students to the process of employee orientation and onboarding. Students also learn about the promotion and implementation of employee career development and progression strategies that can contribute to the success of an organization.

Keyboarding - 20 Hours

Improves touch typing skills on a keyboard with a focus on improving speed and accuracy. This course increases job efficiency and understanding of work station ergonomics.

MS Office Applications - 80 Hours

Prepares students to perform functions common to all Microsoft Windows applications. Elements include the ability to create and manipulate Word, Excel, or PowerPoint applications, modify the display of toolbars and other on-screen elements, use online help, and perform file management, editing, formatting and printing functions common to most Windows applications.

Campus Experience

Virtual Classroom

Have the flexibility to live your life while learning remotely in our Virtual Classroom. Our flexible start dates, small class sizes and online learning tool Brightspace will help you stay on track with your assignments and connect with your peers and instructors.

Industry-Leading Instructors
Learn from industry professionals who bring real-life experience into the classroom. You can book office hours or get virtual support from your instructors through Brightspace, where you can schedule video appointments and use instant messenger to ask questions.

Lifelong Career Services
Connect with a career specialist in your field who will help you find a meaningful place to start your career. As a graduate, you’ll have lifelong access to student services that will help you with resume building, interview preparation and networking.

Financial Assistance and Funding

Robertson offers a variety of financial aid opportunities to ease students’ stress and allow them to focus on their studies. If you need extra support, we have flexible funding to accommodate all our students, no matter their financial situation. Our dedicated Financial Aid Officers will help you every step of the way.

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The practicum is an essential part of a student’s program. It is not merely a graduation requirement; it is an extension of the in-class learning. The practicum asks you to apply the skills, theories, and concepts that you learned in your classes in an entry-level work experience situation.

Practicum must begin and end within the dates outlined in your program schedule and enrolment contract. Practicum is a full-time, unpaid commitment and is presently available in 2 formats:

  • A jointly-procured practicum where you work directly with our WorkForce team to enhance your career development skills while obtaining a placement
  • A structured training related project delivered by industry professionals. Developed in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, this option allows you to stay on track to graduate if restrictions prevent physical placements

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Program Availability

This program is offered at multiple Robertson College campus locations and via Robertson Online. Select a campus below to view campus specific information, like schedule information and enrolment dates.

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