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Nursing Assistant Diploma Program Brandon

Provide critical assistance to patients and health units as a Nursing Assistant.

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Nursing Assistants, Unit Assistants, and Nursing Unit Assistants are indispensable to hospitals, care facilities, regional health authorities, and health service agencies. Not only do they perform a variety of clerical tasks for the health unit, they also perform a variety of tasks to improve the comfort and health of patients.

Program Overview

Program Learning Outcomes

As part of the Nursing Assistant program, you will learn to:

  • Provide quality care to those in need
  • Manage patient admissions, transfers and discharge procedures
  • Provide palliative care and assist patients with their medication
  • Help patients with mobility issues, cognitive impairment or other ongoing conditions by using the proper techniques
  • Develop and implement care plans and accurately communicate information

Graduates of this program will graduate with 3 diplomas – in Health Unit Clerk, Health Care Aide and Nursing Assistant, making you more employable and giving you more flexibility when job searching.


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