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15 of the Best Career Blogs and Job Search Blogs

Career Advice January 20, 2019

In meetings with our Career Services advisors, Robertson students and alumni often ask what the best career blogs are to find meaningful employment opportunities or obtain reputable online career advice. It’s easy to revert back to the sites you’ve always visited, but you should also consider exploring new blogs.


This may open up unique opportunities you may not have considered, as each site gathers their job ads and advice from a numbers of different sources.


To make your hunt easier, our Career Services advisors have put together a list of the best career blogs available to those hunting for work, or looking for career advice.


1. Career Rocket 

Whether you’re looking for tips on putting together a solid resume, or wanting to know more about the qualities that successful managers possess, Career Rocket will provide you with the answer. Their online community of career experts publish new content frequently and offer motivational career tips for seasoned industry professionals, as well as those searching for their first jobs.


2. Careerbright 

Like Career Rocket, Careerbright offers its visitors advice for excelling in their current role or searching for new work. A section on their site titled ‘Job Search’ features a number of blogs that provide excellent tips for job hunters.


3. Linkedin 

The best career blog may be one that you’re already using. Linkedin is a great tool for job seekers, as well as established professionals because it allows its users to form personal connections with organizations in a way that provides a snapshot of the real people behind the business.

If you don’t have a profile yet, build one! Many employers check Linkedin to find more information about the candidates applying for work opportunities within their organizations.


4. Simply Hired 

Simply Hired pulls job ads from the best career blogs and condenses them all in one place. This is a great place to begin your job search and discover what types of employment opportunities are out there.


5. Freelancer

Freelancing is a great way to earn extra pay on top of your full-time job, or in some cases, it can act as your main sources of income. Freelancer lists thousands of job opportunities for individuals in all types of industries such as writing, photography, consulting, and graphic design.


6. JobMob 

JobMob is a go-to-site for career hunters looking for tips to ignite their search. The website publishes content that will inspire individuals in needs of work to try new approaches and think differently about their search.


7. 45 Things by Anita Bruzzese 

This site highlights every aspect of workplace culture imaginable. From women’s issues, to resources for individuals employed in the non-for-profit sector, to lists of mock interview questions, 45 Things by Anita has all the career information you could ever need.


8.Work it Daily 

Work it Daily is an online learning platform with free and purchasable content aimed at providing career support to working professionals and job seekers alike.

Their video blogs are a great way to learn valuable career information such as getting more from your existing job, or tips and tricks for navigating the ‘job search’ tool on Linkedin.



One element that all the best career blogs have in common is advice from professionals within the HR industry. This site is no different, and is a great resource for individuals looking for guidance from industry pros on topics such as career transitioning or dealing with job loss.


10. Experience 

This blog is aimed at individuals entering the workplace and provides excellent advice for this unique stage in life.


11. My Lifestyle Career 

On the other end of the spectrum, My LifeStyle Career is one of the best career blogs for individuals nearing the end of their careers and searching for work opportunities in retirement.


12. Kijiji 

Don’t disregard the job section of Kijiji as often this is the fist site employers post their job ads on. Also, Kijiji hosts many jobs that may be listed by private individuals in need of part time or short term support with a specific project.

Like freelance opportunities, this type of work may be something you can complete on top of your nine-to-five job.


13. Jobacle 

Jobacle offers unique career-centred aimed at making our current jobs more enjoyable. On this site you will find everything from tips on eating healthy at work, to dealing with a difficult manager. There is also a built-in job search function for individuals in looking for new work opportunities.


14. Lindsey Pollak 

Lindsey Pollack is one of the leading North American experts on career advice. She is widely recognized as a resource for young professionals entering the workforce and seasoned experts in their industry. Much of the content on her site focuses on the challenges and benefits of different generations collaborating in the workplace.


15. Facebook Careers 

Facebook Careers is a relatively new platform but is an exciting online hub where employers and job hunters can now connect. The site provides job listings from around the world, advice on leveraging Facebook in a career capacity, as well as other career-centred blog content. Ever considered a career at Facebook? This is also the platform where you will discover details of internships available at the social media giant.



One last note-worthy job site to visit is Robertson’s own career page where you’ll see all available job opportunities at the college. We hope these 15 pointers will help spark creativity within your existing career, or provide you resources to find and obtain a meaningful employment opportunity.

If you’re a student or alumni of Robertson, we encourage you to reach out to our Career Services department for additional career advice.

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