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Webinar: Exploring the Fundamentals of Online Learning

Online Learning October 30, 2019

Robertson Online Webinar Series

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Exploring the Fundamentals of Online Learning

Robertson Online is a unique online campus that makes it possible to study more than 20 programs from the comfort of your home, while you maintain your work schedule and life.

As an online student you have access to the same support and tools as our on campus students have, but you study on a more flexible schedule that allows you to study from anywhere in the country and, in most cases, maintain your current life and work schedule without much interruption.

The admissions process for prospective students of Robertson Online can be handled completely over phone and email making the process from first contact with a student admissions advisor until your first day of school, as smooth and easy as possible. The requirements vary from between the program, but in many cases you can gain acceptance into the program of your choice without having to take any special classes or having prior academic credits other than high school. In many cases you can even be accepted without having completed highschool or a GED, contact one or our Student Admissions Advisors to learn more.

Our full diploma programs are delivered online through our Learning Management System called Brightspace. In this system you do everything from handing in assignments to staying in contact with classmates and teachers. When you study online is is important to realize that you are a full-time student, often students underestimate the time requirement of online studies. Student must be able to commit to a full-time schedule and the workload can differ from course to course, week to week and learner to learner.

PRO TIP: Schedule your time wisely and minimize distractions. Research what a successful online learner does to keep on track and stay motivated. Contact and Student Admissions Advisor to try out our newly developed Online Learning Readiness Tool to see if online studies is the right way forward for you.

What about books? Robertson Online uses mostly eBooks accessed either through a specialized app or your computer, and a very minimal amount of physical books for those that aren’t available as e-material. All students have access to an app called Bookshelf that you can install on your mobile device so you can access and read your books on the go from anywhere.

During your studies with us your personal Student Services Advisor is your ‘go to’ person throughout your program. They will together with your instructor, assist you with all academic or curriculum related questions. The instructor can differ from course to course, but within Brightspace it’s clear who to contact, and your Student Services Advisor will in most cases stay the same throughout the program. Robertson College students also have access to a new tool called KeepMeSafe. This is a fully confidential mental wellness counseling service that can be accessed, World wide 24/7. This is designed specifically for students under distress and counsellors can advise on anxiety, stress, work and school balance, managing finance, family and relationships etc. this tool is free for all students during their studies and a part of our commitment to providing your the best experience possible when going back to school.

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