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a person working at a desk learning What is post-secondary education

What is Considered a Post-Secondary Education

What is post-secondary education? It’s a question many of us have when we finish high school and are looking towards…

Where to Eat in Winnipeg

Where (And What) to Eat in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is not only diverse in its people, but also in its food! Everywhere you turn, there’s a different restaurant,…

What is Winnipeg Known For

What is Winnipeg Known For? 

The city of Winnipeg lives in the heart of Canada. If you’re from Winnipeg, you know about the changing temperatures,…

What is the Weather in Winnipeg?

What is the Weather in Winnipeg?

We’d all love to travel right now, though sadly it isn’t a reality due to COVID-19. While we do our…

What To Do In Calgary

Things to do in Calgary

Working, studying and even just staying at home in general is a challenge for many of us. It’s normal to…

Weather in Calgary

How’s the Weather in Calgary? | Our Calgary Campus

As much as we’d love to travel right now, it isn’t a reality due to COVID-19. In the meantime, while…

Differences Between College and University - Banner

What is the Difference Between College and University? 

In Canada, colleges and universities are very different from each other. Depending on where you go, you’ll get an education…

How to Succeed in College

How to Succeed in College? 

You’ve been accepted, chosen your courses and have your supplies ready to go—now what? It’s go time, which means hello…

How to Prepare for College

How to Prepare for College?

Whether you’re going to college for the first time or revisiting your studies for career development, college is a new…

How Much Is College in Canada 2020

How Much Does College Cost in Canada? 

If you’re thinking about going to school, you may be wondering the big question: how much does college cost in…

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